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Our Long Story Short #WriteGift

This post is sponsored by CROSS. All opinions expressed are my own. 

My husband and I have been together for 17 years, this coming April.  We met in passing, by chance, at an intersection on a busy street.  I had just started college.  I went out to rent a movie one night, and I ran into a friend. My husband was standing alongside my friend, whom he was also friends with. My friend briefly introduced us, and I continued on my way. On my way back from the video store, I happened to run into him again. This time, he was on his own, and he was on his way to get something to eat.

Long story short; he asked me to come along. We ate dinner and we talked for hours. We've been together ever since. Who would've ever thought that a chance meeting would amount to 17 years together, 4 beautiful children, and a life that I wouldn't trade for anything - even on the hardest of days?  We were meant to be; our beautiful children were meant to be.

I'm so very grateful for that chance meeting, 17 years ago.

This holiday, I'm gifting my husband with a Sterling Silver Classic Century Ballpoint CROSS Pen, engraved with the cross streets of the intersection where we met [engraving is complimentary]. It's such a special reminder of that chance meeting,  all of the years that followed, and all of the special moments that are yet to be...

It's the perfect present.

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