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Ever-Changing Adventures in Motherhood

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of INIT bars. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard about the new INIT Snack Bars available at Walmart? They pack some serious fuel and flavor into these organic fruit & nut snack bars!  They're ready to go wherever your daily adventures take you;  perfect for stowing in your purse or gym bag.

You guys, I think this is shaping up to be a season of confessions.

Right after we welcomed our 4th child last year, I thought I had it all figured out. Honestly, it was smooth sailing for the first few weeks, then, things got pretty real around here! Without droning on about details, I'll simply say this; the juggling act became next to impossible. Not necessarily because it was actually impossible; my expectations needed some adjusting. These days, my days often don't go according to plan.  Sometimes the baby decides to have a party in the middle of the night. I get held up at appointments, or basketball / gymnastics runs WAY over. There are even those odd times when I get stuck in 2 hour bumper to bumper traffic jams, and my entire schedule for the day gets scrapped {no lie - happened to me last week!}

My new normal simply requires flexibility and bounce. I need to be able to bend with all of the change and keep it moving!  Motherhood is an ever-changing adventure, my friends. You know the old saying "man plans....." So true. So very true. My best advice, 7 months in to being a mother of 4? Simply learn to adjust your sails.

Read on for more about my daily adventures in motherhood, and for more on the NEW INIT Organic Nut & Fruit Bars.

In adjusting to my "new normal" with four children, I decided to change some key elements to my day so that I could be the best version of myself for my family.  I start most everyday with a trip to the gym for an hour or two of some intense cardio. If I dont' make it to the gym, I simply hit the pavement with my little ones in the double stroller. We make a family affair out of it on the weekend, and the older kids ride along on their scooters or bikes. Friends, my day usually goes much smoother when I'm able to start it off with some exercise. Our days all look pretty different these days. Some days we head to activities, and others we head to our appointments. Somehow almost every minute of every day, seems to be filled in some way. It's pretty surreal.  Because I'm always on-the-go, I make sure to keep healthy snacks at-the-ready. I pack them into my purse, diaper bag, and I even stock them in my car. These past few weeks, my go-to snack has been INIT Fruit & Nut Bars.

INIT bars definitely fit my busy lifestyle. Whether I'm in need of a healthy recovery snack after a good workout or I'm stuck in that odd traffic jam, I can count on these tasty fruit & nut snack bars to fuel me through my day! INIT Fruit & Nut Bars come in four delicious flavors; Dark Chocolate Cherry & Cashews (so decadent, it's like dessert!), Mixed Nuts & Sweet Berries, Dark Chocolate Almond & Summer Berries, Roasted Nuts & Honey Chipotle. Each bar is made from the very best organic ingredients, and they're a good source of fiber ( offering 9g-13g per bar/serving). While I love all of the flavors, my personal favorites are Dark Chocolate Cherry & Cashews (sweet, salty, and decadent) and Roasted Nuts & Honey Chipotle ( savory and just a little spicy).

Instead of caving to the daily pressures, I simply needed to adjust my expectations a bit. It's so much easier to enjoy life with little ones, and motherhood in general, when you learn to expect the unexpected (and when you're always prepared with good snacks, of course!)

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