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DIY Mickey Mouse Shaped Diaper Cake How-To

Hi, friends! How have you been? Isn't this Mickey Mouse shaped diaper cake just the cutest? My favorite part? It total, it only took me a little under an hour to make. Not bad, right? It's absolutely perfect for gifting at baby showers and baby sprinkles! I also made a DIY Mickey themed stand, constructed from two giant cases of baby wipes (see below for more pics). 

Read on for my full tutorial on how to make a Mickey Mouse Shaped Diaper Cake.

What you'll need:

For the Mickey Mouse Shaped Diaper Cake
  • Diapers (size Newborn or size 1 - I used 70 size 1 diapers to create the pictured diaper cake and wrapped up the rest to gift along with the diaper cake)
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands ( I used 70 standard size rubber bands to roll the diapers for the pictured diaper cake)
  • Double sided tape
  • Low-temp hot glue and 2-3 low temp hot glue sticks
  • (2) 4" cardboard cake rounds and (1) 8" cardboard cake round 
  • Bakers twine or yarn ( to secure your diaper cake rounds after they are assembled)
  • 24"L x 2" W of ribbon ( I used black polka dot ribbon for the pictured diaper cake)
  • Optional: Clear shrink wrap ( to cover/wrap your completed diaper cake)
For the DIY Mickey Mouse themed Diaper Cake Stand
  • 2 cases of baby wipes 
  • Red wrapping paper
  • Black Wrapping Paper
  • Gift wrap tape
  • Scissors
  • (2) large white buttons

How To Make A Mickey Mouse Shaped Diaper Cake 

How to:
  1. Roll 70 diapers, securing each diaper with a rubber band at the center (I used the yellow wetness indicator line on each diaper as a guide on where to place the rubber band, so they were all evenly wrapped.) Make sure to roll the diaper from the top inward (towards the fold). Set to the side
  2. Working from the outer edge of your large cake round, place small pieces of double sided tape (with about 1" spacing in between each piece). Place one pre-rolled diaper vertically on each piece of double-sided tape. Continue until you have assembled the entire perimeter of your large diaper cake round. 
  3. Cut a 12" piece of yarn or twine and tie loosely around the circumference of your diaper cake, (directly in the middle - use the rubber bands on the diapers as your guide). This will give your diaper cake some added support as you fill in the center with diapers. 
  4. Continue to fill the center of your diaper cake with diapers until its packed fairly tightly.
  5. Use a second 12" piece of twine to tightly secure your diaper cake (directly in the middle - using the rubber bands on the diapers as your guide, just as you did previously).
  6. Once tightly tied / secure, cut the original piece of loosely tied string/twine and discard it.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 to complete the two 4" diaper rounds.
  8. Once all 3 of your rounds are assembled, complete them by wrapping each round in ribbon secure with a few dots of low-temp hot glue. Make sure that the glue only touches the ribbon where the ends meet, and NOT the diapers.
  9. Now, add a few generous lines / large dots of low-temp hot glue on the inside portion / seam of the ribbon on the 4" rounds (one at a time - low-temp hot glue dries quickly!) immediately press each 4" diaper cake round, to either side of the top of  the 8" diaper cake round (spaced out proportionally to resemble the outline of Mickey Mouse (refer to images above and below). Now your Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake is ready to gift!
  10. Optional: Wrap / secure your Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake with clear shrink wrap (refer to package instructions on how to set your shrink wrap - it's typically done with a standard hairdryer on the highest heat setting)
  11. To create your DIY Mickey Mouse themed Diaper Cake Stand, simply wrap one box of baby wipes in black wrapping paper and one box of baby wipes in red wrapping paper. Affix two large white buttons (centered) to the front of the box wrapped in red wrapping paper, using two large dots of low-temp hot glue. Stack them on top of each other (I stood the black box up on it's side to create a sturdy stand to lean/present the Mickey Mouse shaped diaper cake, as a gift at the baby shower.
Gift your completed Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake to someone special, that's expecting or recently welcomed a new baby.

Diapers and wipes are my absolute favorite (super useful) gift, to give to new and expecting parents. There are so many fun and unique ways to gift them, too! Like making a fun themed diaper cake, like this Mickey Mouse Shaped Diaper Cake. What are your favorite things to gift to new and expecting parents? I'd love it if you'd share in a comment below, or tag me on Twitter @one_savvymom .