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Old Home? Do This! Super Quick Ways To Weatherize Your Home And Save On Heating This Winter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck brand. All opinions are 100% mine.
The winter weather has finally made an appearance around here, and it looks like it's here to stay. Friends, for as long as I can remember now, we've been living in older homes. There's something about their charm that lures me in. Antique fixtures, vintage hardware, beautiful crown moldings; they just seem cozier to me. That is, until the winter hits. Then the charm takes a backseat to the drafts and higher than average heating costs! I'll never forget our first winter, living in an older home. The first heating bill landed in our mailbox and it was nothing short of shocking. After I picked my jaw up off the floor,  I promptly set out to make sure that the heating bills in the months following, weren't nearly as scary. I scoured the Internet and found so many useful money saving tips, for weatherizing your home. After putting several of these weatherization tips into action, I was able to save a ton on heating, and ward off most of the not so charming drafts that were coming from here, there, and everywhere in our home. And you know what? We're not alone.  Almost 2/3 of Americans live in a home that needs weatherization.

I'm excited to share some of the money saving weatherization tips that I've learned over the years, with all of you today. As we head into another winter, these simple tips will help you save big on your heating bill.

Ready to save some money on your heating costs this winter? Read on...

My first tip, is the most simple {super quick!} and cost-efficient thing that you can do to help cut your heating costs.
  • Start by sealing your windows with a Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Insulation Kit . If you live in an older home, I can almost guarantee you that heat is escaping through your windows. Even replacement windows don't always guarantee a tight seal, especially in older homes that lack insulation. Our last home literally was so old (built in the late 1800's) that it had old newspapers stuffed in the walls. Yep, you read that right! Newspaper. That's what they did way back in the day. So, nothing stood between our paper thin perimeter walls and the cold winter air, but lath and newspaper. That would explain those sky high bills, right?!  Duck brand makes it super simple to add a layer of protection between your old windows, and the chilly winter temps, though. The patented Roll-On® film comes with a pre-taped top edge for easy roll-on application, no need for pre-measuring required. Friends, while I'm kind of crafty, I'm definitely not the handiest person out there.  They've literally made these kits completely fool-proof though. I had my entire first floor (12 windows in total) sealed in about an hour and a half. Just stick, roll, press, cut to size, seal off the remaining 3 sides with the included roll of temporary adhesive tape and shrink down with a standard hair dryer. So simple! I love the tight seal that these kits offer. Once my shear curtains were back in place, you literally couldn't even tell that the the windows had been sealed. Bye bye drafts, hello savings! While these window insulation kits are temporary and can be removed in the warmer months, you can also choose to leave them in place year-round for added savings on your cooling costs.
My second tip, find the cracks, and seal them off quick!
  • Our foundation had multiple cracks/crevices that were just welcoming cold air and drafts. Like, with a handshake. Hello, cold air, come right on in and make yourself cozy! This was easy enough to fix though with an inexpensive can of spray foam insulation. Simply point, spray and fill those cracks. These cans of spray insulation generally have a long extender straw-like attachment that really allows you to get into the crevices and cracks for efficient sealing. It also expands as it dries. Keep that in mind while you're sealing the cracks/crevices in your foundation, and be sure that you don't overfill those spaces. 
Next up, use socket sealers on all of your electrical outlets and light switches. 
  • These are simple enough to install (it literally takes mere minutes) and they seal out all of the cold air that can seep in from behind your electric outlets and light switch plates. In our first old home, we could literally feel a breeze next to our first floor outlets on cold and blustery winter days. Why? There wasn't any insulation! Remember? Just lath and newspaper! So, the multiple outlets in our home mine as well have been cute little cutouts, to the outside world! These simple socket sealers seal off the cold air and are hidden underneath the electrical outlet plates and light switch plates. No one will even know that they're there - but you'll reap the savings for sure!
Last, but definitely not least by way of savings, seal off those drafty doors! 
  • Sometimes even the slightest crack can wreak havoc on your heating bill. When your home dips even a degree or two,  your heating system will constantly be working/running to maintain the desired temp on your thermostat. This tends to drive heating costs through the roof! Use weather stripping and easy-to-install door sealers. I installed door sealers on both our front and back doors, and even on the coldest winter days, I don't feel the drafts that I used to feel by our doors. They are simple to cut to size, and simply slide onto the bottom of the door. Older homes can be tricky to seal off, as the frames are typically slightly irregular. They were handcrafted back in the day - so definitely not your typical cookie-cutter manufactured frames that you see in newer homes today. These simple tools allowed me to seal out the cold air quickly and easily (without ripping all of our door frames apart and starting from scratch!)
These are such quick and simple ways to help weatherize your older home, and save big on heating costs in the winter, and cooling costs in the summer. Spending just a few hours, and a few bucks, can add up to some major savings. And as a mom of 4, friends, you know I'm all about the savings! 
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Wishing you all a warm & cozy winter season!

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