One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Easy Fairy Garden Wreath

Easy Fairy Garden Wreath

This easy fairy garden wreath is magical, friends. So simple. So sweet. And just what the doctor ordered to help me shake off the fact that it's still frigid outside, and it's already mid March! Since planting our outdoor fairy garden is currently out of the question, I decided to bring a little bit of spring whimsy indoors, with this quick {and fairly inexpensive} DIY.  If you're looking for an easy spring DIY craft project OR if you've never tried you're hand at fairy gardening, this easy fairy garden wreath, is PERFECT!

Ready to make your own lighted fairy garden wreath? Read on for the full supply list and tutorial, below.

Easy Fairy Garden Wreath How-To

What you'll need:
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Floral wire cutters
  • Floral wire
  • Wreath or wreath form. I used a mixed media wreath that I found at A.C. Moore. It's comprised of a sturdy wire form with moss, chicken wire, grapevine etc. (pictured above before I added anything to it)
  • Small fairy garden components / figurines. We found the one's pictured (Nicole brand) at A.C. Moore
  • A strand of  battery operated LED micro lights - with a battery pack that is small enough to tuck into the back of a wreath form and batteries (we found the battery operated LED micro lights pictured at A.C. Moore.) 
  • Silk/ faux flowers of your choosing (I used one mixed silk flower bunch for the pictured wreath and simply cut / separated the flowers - also found at A.C. Moore.) 
  • Moss (I used a mixed moss pack that came with an assortment of  green and purple - also found at A.C. Moore )
How to:
  1. Start by using floral wire cutters to cut away a small portion of the back of the mixed media wreath form. Make the opening just large enough to easily slide the battery pack in and out of the wreath form, when you need to change the batteries.
  2. Next, wrap the entire wreath form with the LED Micro lights and slide the battery pack inside the wreath form.
  3. Then, using your hot glue gun and hot glue, affix the fairy garden figurines on the inner bottom ledge of the wreath form. Use generous amounts of hot glue and hold each of the figurines in place firmly, until the glue has dried/set completely. 
  4. After the figurines are in place, begin gluing the moss to the bottom outside portion of the wreath form (I went heavy on the moss to make sure that the battery pack that sits inside the bottom portion of the wreath form was fully concealed.)
  5. Once the moss is in place, finish the wreath by adding in faux fern, eucalyptus, flowers etc. When complete, switch the lights on, and enjoy the soft glow and pure magic of your finished fairy garden wreath!

Happy crafting & Happy Spring, friends!