One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Gradient Yarn Rainbow Craft

Gradient Yarn Rainbow Craft

This gradient yarn craft is perfect for toddlers and younger kids.  It's super cute and incredibly simple too! This yarn rainbow craft requires a super simple list of supplies, and about 20 minutes of time. It allows little one's to build on their fine motor skills with a simple yarn wrapping technique.  If you're making this yarn rainbow craft with toddlers, you can easily prep the cardboard rainbow form ahead of time. If you're doing this yarn craft with older kids, you can allow them to cut the rainbow cardboard form themselves using safety scissors, for some added practice with their scissor skills. 

We made a handful of these gradient yarn rainbows and hung them from a 8 ft. ribbon, to create a colorful garland for our playroom. I love to switch up the décor throughout the year in the playroom and add items that the kids make to the walls. It's such a happy little space! :-)

Ready to make your own gradient yarn rainbow yarn wrapping craft with the kids? Read on for the simple supply list and step-by-step tutorial.

Gradient Yarn Rainbow Craft How-To

What you'll need:
  • a pencil
  • safety scissors 
  • craft glue
  • up-cycled thin cardboard
  • rainbow color gradient yarn 
  • a handful of multi-size white buttons
How to:
  1. Use a pencil to draw a rainbow form onto cardboard (a "u" shape anchored by two squares on the bottom of either side - refer to imagery above / below.)
  2. Use safety scissors to cut out rainbow form. Create a small slit into the base of either side of the "u" on the form.
  3. Knot one of the gradient rainbow yarn. Slide it into one of the slits on the form (knot should be positioned on the back side of the form when slide into place.)
  4. Begin tightly wrapping the yarn from one end of the form to the other (beginning and ending just above the anchor squares on the form.) until the entire form covered. Tie a knot at the end of the yarn when complete, and slide into the remaining slit (with the knot positioned at the back of the form. Cut any access.
  5. Use craft glue to affix multi-size white buttons to the anchor squares on either side of the gradient yarn rainbow, to create the look of clouds. Allow adequate time for drying. Display and enjoy!
  6. Optional. Make a handful of gradient yarn rainbows and hang them from a long ribbon or twine, to create a colorful and fun yarn rainbow garland!

Happy crafting, friends!