One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Dinosaur Mini Canvas Kids Craft - Fun Free-Standing DIY Room Decor!

Dinosaur Mini Canvas Kids Craft - Fun Free-Standing DIY Room Decor!

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Looking for fun dinosaur themed crafts for kids? This dinosaur mini canvas kids craft is so simple to make and SO CUTE when complete! You can make all different kinds of mini canvas dinosaurs or let your imagination run wild and dream up your very own species. This  free-standing mini canvas dinosaur kids craft would make a great dinosaur theme party craft too. The perfect make-and-take party favor / super fun DIY room decor! 

Hi friends, how have you been? Our younger two children are currently obsessed all things dinosaur! Obsessed, I tell ya! Their love started with the release of their now fave show, Gigantosaurus (on Disney Channel) earlier this year.  Then, we paid a visit to the Bronx Zoo for their limited engagement Dinosaur Safari a few weeks ago, where their adoration for all things DINO only grew.  If you live in or around New York City, the Dinosaur Safari is a definite must-do fall family outing (CLICK HERE to find out more!) After our visit, we pulled out our craft supplies to make some dinosaurs of our own! This easy dinosaur mini canvas kids craft only requires a handful of simple supplies and about 30 minutes of time. It's s fairly frugal craft too - each free-standing dinosaur mini canvas only costs about $2 to make all-in. Pretty fab price point for such a cute kids craft, if you ask me!

Ready to craft your own dinosaur mini canvas craft with the kids? Read on for the supply list and easy tutorial.

Dinosaur Mini Canvas Kids Craft - Fun Free-Standing DIY Room Decor!

What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint in your choice of colors
  • Felt for added details 
  • Giant wooden craft sticks (we used 4x  8" wooden craft sticks for the pictured craft)
  • Low temp hot glue gun and low-temp glue sticks (note: only to be used by an adult!)
  • Mini canvas ( we used a 5"x 5" mini canvas for the pictured craft)

How to:
  1. Adult prep: cut the craft sticks down in for each dinosaur mini canvas. We cut 4 even 3" pieces (round edges down) for feet, 1 for piece for the tail (shaped down with the scissors,) 1 longer piece for the neck,  and 1 2" piece for the head (refer to imagery below.) Once all pieces have been cut and prepped, move on to the next step with the kids.
  2. Paint your mini canvas, and all of the giant wooden craft stick components as desired. Allow adequate time for drying.
  3. Use scissors and felt to cut out scales / spikes / added details etc. 
  4. Adult assembly: using the hot glue gun, add large generous dots of low temp hot glue to the back side of each craft stick component created as "feet." press two to the bottom front of the canvas and two to the back bottom of the canvas (making sure that all four "feet" are placed evenly so that it can stand freely, once complete.) Next add a large dot of low-temp hot glue to the backside of the craft stick component created as the tail. Press to the front mid-side of the canvas (or as desired). Now, glue the craft stick components created as the neck and head to the canvas using a few generous dabs of low-temp hot glue. Press to the edge on the back side of the canvas. Complete your dinosaur mini canvas kids craft by gluing on any felt scales, spikes, added details etc. 
Display your completed free-standing mini canvas kids craft and ENJOY! Or gift it to someone special!

Happy crafting, friends!

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