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DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman Christmas Winter Decor

This DIY Dollar Tree funnel set snowman makes the perfect shabby chic holiday and winter décor! They are so stinking CUTE and super simple to put together too.  Each DIY Dollar Tree funnel set snowman only costs about $2 to make (all-in!) So, they are definitely budget friendly.  These DIY Dollar Tree funnel set snowmen would also make great homemade gifts!

Hi, friends! I hope you are all well and staying safe out there! Rain has kept us homebound over the past few days, and thus thinking ahead to the holiday season. I see a ridiculous amount of twinkling lights, large mugs of hot chocolate and tons of Hallmark holiday movies (of course!) in the not so distant future for us.  Seriously, the tree and all of the decor' may be making an appearance this weekend. I need some of that holiday magic in my life, stat!

While I love to craft, in all honesty, I'm a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to procuring the necessary supplies. I always make a mental note to grab some of the cone foam forms from Dollar Tree, when they're not in demand  (in the summer.) Alas, I have yet to follow through.  A few years back, I ended up making these fun Dollar Tree funnel set Christmas trees, (using a 3 piece funnel set as a foam cone alternative) and sharing them here with all of you. At that point it became pretty clear that I'm not the only one that procrastinates buying foam forms! It became a popular pin for those who were also looking for an alternative to the traditional foam cone form. The following year, I decided to make these pretty Dollar Tree funnel set Angels, using ribbon, a funnel set, raffia and a handful of simple supplies all found at dollar tree (aside from the felt and embroidery thread used for the face/hair.) After crafting with these funnel sets as an alternative for three years now, I’ve decided that I like the height that the funnel sets allow. The foam forms are about 10" at Dollar Tree, These Funnel sets, when assembled properly, allow for a height of between 16"- 18". I love how adorable this DIY Dollar Tree Snowman ( or Snowwomen?!) turned out! My oldest daughter actually thought I purchased it from Home Goods (not a bad compliment at all, right?!) Ready to make your own DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman?

Read on for the full supply list, and my easy step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman Christmas Winter Decor
DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman

What you'll need:
  • a low temp hot glue gun 
  • low-temp hot glue sticks
  • scissors
  • lace ribbon (pictured lace ribbon found at Dollar Tree.)
  • Decorative nautical rope (pictured nautical rope found at Dollar Tree.)
  • 3 piece funnel set (found at Dollar Tree - they come in white and black - I recommend using the white for this craft.)
  • 2 small 2 inch craft foam balls OR a large block of craft foam cut into smaller 2 inch foam block pieces.
  • Fabric (about 50 7"L x 2"W strips) I used fabric that I saved from an old tee pee that the kids had outgrown - it looks antiqued to me (that's why I saved it!) You could also use inexpensive tea towels or any other fabric that you have on-hand/prefer.
  • Embroidery floss in black, orange, and light pink and embroidery needle (or felt in orange, black, and pink, if you prefer a simpler version.)
  • Buttons (3)

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman Christmas Winter Decor
TIP: There's a trick to attaining height (of 16" - 18") when assembling these funnel sets. You have to add either a foam ball (these come in 3 packs at Dollar tree) in between the first and second funnel then a second foam ball between the second and third funnel.) See image below from my funnel angel post showing how to position the foam. If you don't have foam balls, you can also just cut a small wedge of foam from one large foam block (also found at Dollar Tree.)

How to:
  1. Start by cutting about 50 7"L x 1 1/2"W pieces of fabric. Fold each piece in half and secure ends with a small dab of hot glue. (Repeat this step for all 50 fabric strips.)
  2. Now it's time to assemble your funnels. Start with the largest funnel in the set, and press the foam down over the funnel spout (refer to imagery above from my Dollar Tree Funnel Set Angel tutorial ). Repeat this step, with a second piece of circular foam on the medium sized funnel in the set. 
  3. Last, press the foam ball (from the center) down onto the spout of the smallest funnel in the set. 
  4. Now, slide all of the foam pieces off. Starting with the largest funnel, add a few generous dabs of low-temp hot glue to the center hole that you created with the spout. Quickly press the foam back in-place (hold in-place for about a minute until the glue has dried/set.). Repeat this step with the medium sized funnel, and the smallest funnel / foam ball. 
  5.  Starting with the bottom / large funnel, and a dab of hot glue to the top of the fabric strip  Repeat this step, creating two "tiers" or rows of fabric strips, until you've covered the entire base / large funnel. Repeat this step with the medium funnel, and the small funnel. 
  6. Cut a large piece of fabric, wrap the top foam ball (used for the snowman / snowwoman head.) wrap it around the head and use a pencil to make light marks where you want your face to be. Now, use embroidery floss to stitch on eyes, mouth, and carrot nose / rosy cheeks. (you can also use felt pieces as an alternative and simply glue the pieces on using small dabs of hot glue.
  7. Once the face is complete, wrap this fabric piece around the foam ball and secure tightly with hot glue. Trim any remaining excess fabric.
  8. Next, cut two 6" pieces of nautical rope to use as arms. Use a large dab of hot glue to secure them to either side of your snowman / snowwoman. 
  9. Optional trim mitten pieces from any remaining excess fabric. Use hot glue to affix them to the ends of each nautical rope arm. Trim tops of mittens with lace / other scrap ribbon etc.
  10. Optional: cut a large piece of lace ribbon (8" or so.) Affix it around the top funnel. Tie in a knot at the center. Add a small dab of hot glue to hold it in place. 
  11. Optional: If making a snowwomen add a large lace bow (affix with a generous dab of hot glue.) or make little earmuffs using nautical rope / scrap fabric.)
  12. Optional: add 3 buttons in a vertical row to the front of your funnel set snowman, using a small dab of hot glue on each.
  13. Display and enjoy your completed DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman OR Snowwomen, and ENJOY! Or gift it to someone special this holiday season!
DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman Christmas Winter Decor

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Snowman Christmas Winter Decor

Happy crafting & Happy Holidays, friends!

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