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6 Family Friendly Activities to do at Home

6 Family Friendly Activities To Do At Home

Spending time with the family at home is a great way to bond. However, since you spend so much time together, it can be difficult to come up with new and engaging activities that the entire family can find fun.

Here are some family-friendly activities to do at home no matter the time of year.

6 Family Friendly Activities To Do At Home

1.  Crafts

Crafts are a great way to engage all members of the family, no matter their ages. You can choose from a variety of craft kits for your kids to build, create, and enjoy at home. While some kits are designed for kids, others may need parental supervision, so make sure that you know which type of kit you’re buying and whether or not your children will need your help.

Crafts are the perfect activity for any day of the week because they require very little space and can be cleaned up quickly. It’s best if you have a space that you can dedicate to crafting so that your kids can enjoy their work no matter what you have going on before, during, or after.

2.  Exercise

One of the best things you can do is teach your children about the importance of healthy habits when they’re young. By doing simple exercises or yoga together, you can get them started on the right path to future wellness. You don’t have to do vigorous physical activity to get them sweating, but you can teach them the basics by showing them kid-friendly moves that will help them stay in shape. Make sure to have a kids water bottle nearby no matter where you’re exercising so that they can stay hydrated.

Not only that, but exercise will release some of their pent-up energy, so that they can destress, fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer, allowing you some much-needed rest.

6 Family Friendly Activities To Do At Home

3.  Play Games

Games are a great way to spend quality time together as a family. There are tons of educational games out there that are not only fun but can help your children learn without them even realizing it. STEM games help children develop necessary learning skills that will help them excel in school while also keeping them occupied at home. Not to mention, you never know what you as an adult can learn from these games!

4.  Baking

The easy bake oven is a popular children’s toy for a reason. Baking is a fun pastime for any child, and being able to help their mom or dad in the kitchen can keep them engaged and active while teaching them a valuable life skill. While you may not want your child handling the oven, you can get them involved in learning how to mix ingredients and measure them properly.

5.  Camp in the Living Room

Let your children design their own shelter and camp in the living room. This activity requires no more than a few chairs and sheets so that they can create their own tent and have a place to themselves. You can also use a laptop or television with a campfire video so that they can get the full experience out of living room camping. Your children will enjoy the process of building while getting to reap the rewards of their hard work once they crawl inside for a nap or to watch their favorite television show.

6.  Do a Puzzle

A puzzle is another great way to keep your children engaged and keep their minds activated. Puzzles aren’t always the easiest of games to play and can take hours to complete. Start your children off with an easy puzzle so that they learn how it works. When they’ve accomplished a few simple puzzles, help them with more complicated ones so that they can develop their skills.

Puzzles are great for children because it helps them strategize and deduce, two important learning skills they’ll need throughout life. It’s also fun because they can see their hard work pay off at the end when they’ve created a beautiful image.