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5 Must-Haves for New Moms

5 Must Haves For New Moms

As a new mom or a new mom to be, you will read all the materials you can get your hands on to give you a clear understanding of what you must have by the time your bundle of joy arrives.

Your friends will also be in the picture trying to help you understand what you need.

It can be overwhelming for new moms as they try to ensure they have everything for their baby, and one can easily forget to buy the must-have essentials for her. Worry no more because below are the must-haves for every new mom.

1.      Breast Feeding Kit

Must Haves For New Moms One Savvy Mom

You need to have a breastfeeding kit for yourself and your baby. Unfortunately, most new moms forget to have breastfeeding essentials. These essentials make breastfeeding easier for you and the baby. You may have seen your friends breastfeed, and it may look more straightforward, but every experience is different. A newborn breastfeeds after every two hours; that’s why the kit is a must-have. To remain on the safer side, get a complete breastfeeding kit that includes a nursing pillow wrapped around your waist that helps give you support for the baby.

Other breastfeeding essentials are a breastfeeding bottle and several nipples, a breast pump, a few nursing bras and pads, nipple cream to apply to your nipples for the first few weeks of breastfeeding your baby.

2.      Swaddle

Must Haves For New Moms

In the first months, your newborn will go through a hard time sleeping. Most new moms have difficulty trying to put the newborn to sleep. The outer world is different for your baby, and they find it hard to sleep as your baby is used to the comfort of the womb. To mimic this comfort, you will need a swaddle. The moment you snuggly wrap your baby in a swaddle, the baby feels like it’s back in the womb, and the baby will sleep longer.

A swaddle is essential for your newborn because it keeps the hands secured, reducing the newborn’s startle reflex.  Also known as Moro reflex, the reflex is why you see your baby’s arms suddenly open while sleeping. It’s one of the reasons why your sound sleeping baby wakes often. The baby outgrows startle reflex after around 4-6 months when you can go for the sleep sack.

3.      Changing pad

You may already know changing diapers is a pretty messy business, but you get to understand it better when you do it on your own. Newborns can poop very often so that you will spend much of your time on the changing table. Like most moms, you may already have covers for the table cushion. You may have to remove and put a new cover on each surface you have a diaper change because the cushions can get messy. Instead, get a changing pad that is waterproof that you will place under your baby’s bottom while you change. It will spare you the headache of changing the cushions after every diaper change. 

4.      Bathing Essentials

Once the baby is here, you will need to bathe and groom them just like you do to yourself. The Baby’s skin is susceptible, and you will need to look for natural baby products that are gentle to the toddler. These bathing essentials include baby shampoo, baby bath wash, hooded towels, Baby’s tub, cotton swabs, and baby comb and brush.

5.      After Birth Kit

As you prepare for your baby and the excitement of becoming a new mom, you are likely to forget yourself and the thing you will need after having the baby. Whether you give birth through the virginal or c-section, you will need the big granny panties to support giant maxi pads. Having an after birth kit for yourself will save you from the agony of having to go shopping for maxi panties when the baby comes.


Becoming a new mom is amazing, but it can be daunting for you and your baby. When you are well prepared with must-haves for a new mom, you will minimize the headaches that come with the challenges of becoming a new mom. You will spend most of the time breastfeeding and changing your baby for the first period. Enjoy every splitting second of it because it flies away fast.