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Divide & Conquer The Clutter With Rubbermaid BENTO!

(BENTO Paprika Color Choice Pictured Above)
A Little Bit About Rubbermaid BENTO
Typical storage boxes contain your items, but the inside becomes cluttered – making it difficult to find what you need. Rubbermaid’s Bento collection is designed to organize items, rather than just store them. The Bento Boxes have internal flex dividers, which enable you to divide the space by creating unique sections when needed. Boxes can stack vertically, or fit inside each other. Bento Toppers can act as trays, covers or lids, providing an extra layer of organization for the Bento Boxes, or hiding what’s inside. The Bento Collection is made from sturdy materials, and the heavy-duty decorative fabric enables it to remain out in your social spaces while complementing your home’s décor.
(BENTO Chadwick Color Choice Pictured Above)
Features Include:
  • Internal Flex Dividers that can be individually popped open or closed.
  • Toppers act as trays, covers or lids.
  • Available in Paprika, Ivory, and Chadwick Color Choices.
  • Same size containers can stack on top of one another.
  • Smaller sizes nest inside larger sizes for space efficient storage when not in use.
  • CARB-certified MDF covered in durable polyester fabric.
(BENTO Paprika Color Choice -Set Pictured Above)
Our Experience
Though I would like to say that my house is always tidy and pristine, It's not. I have two young children, need I really say more?! When it comes to cute teeny tiny toys, the princess has them all.....and they  all can generally be found on the floor of  our playroom. Yes, they do pick up their toy's and put them "away", however "away" usually means thrown into the abyss of the toy box. When they go searching for said toys the following day, they tend to dig THE ENTIRE CONTENTS of the toy box out and onto the floor until they've unearthed whatever toy they're looking for. Thus creating an endless cycle of messy chaos.

I just knew thatthey would be so much happier if  they could find what they were looking for in a designated area or bin.  Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled (folks, yes, I'm the kinda gal that does a {{{HAPPY DANCE}}} for home storage solutions!) when the new BENTO Boxes By Rubbermaid were announced!
A set of BENTO Boxes to clear the clutter of the playroom (in Paprika), were just what the doctor ordered! The built in flex dividers (see above video demonstration) can either pop out when needed, or in when not. Allowing the user to create a custom storage solution - suitable for every area of your home or office. The varying sizes allowed me to sort the small toys, large toys, games, and other miscellaneous contents of the playroom into their own designated "homes". The kid's know just where to find each specific toy / game when they want them, and where to put them back so they can find them easily the next day. BENTO has restored harmony to our playroom, and created two content kids, and ONE VERY HAPPY MOMMY!

Now I'm off to order a set of BENTO's in Chadwick for my living room! 

What will you BENTO? You can find BENTO Boxes at select retailers Nationwide and online at

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