One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: For It's 34th Season The Big Apple Circus Dares You To Dream Big!

For It's 34th Season The Big Apple Circus Dares You To Dream Big!

 A Little Bit About The Big Apple Circus: Dream Big
It’s an All–New Show, where the World’s Greatest Circus artists are presented under an intimate Big Top, and no seat is more than 50 feet from the ring! Let your imagination soar and summon the most amazing acts — A juggler with a suit to fit his sweet feats of fancy handiwork! A mechanical doll who comes alive in a sinuous balancing act! Spirited horses, frolicsome dogs, and a capybara and porcupine to perk up the sawdust party! Audacious acrobats who astound with athletic grace! Comical conjurors with magical moments of grand illusion! The aerial daring of the trapeze flyers! A singing Ringmistress and the Big Apple Circus Band creating the ringing melodies of memories to last!  And Grandma !!  Yes, Grandma, apogee of comical aspiration and mirthful joy! Your dreams will inspire a Big Apple Circus of living thrills and marvelous delight — a celebration of the imagination — an astonishing circus world of wonder!

A NYC icon, Barry Lubin (otherwise known as the beloved "Grandma" in The Big Apple Circus) will bid farewell after this, his final season. Barry Lubin has been with The Big Apple Circus as Grandma for 25 years, and will continue to bring "Grandma" to audiences around the world through various TV, theater, and film projects.
 Our Experience
If your a long time reader, than you're most likely already aware of my affinity for The Big Apple Circus.
If you live in or around New York City, than your undoubtedly also aware of the greatness of this non-profit organization!

The Big Apple Circus embodies some of the things I love most about this great city. I know what your thinking...a circus? Yes, for me, it truly does. This is a non-profit organization that gives back to the community in so many different ways.

The show brings all walks of life together in one central place "Under The Big Top" where they all come together to create something amazing!  You'll find World Renown performers from all across the globe. You'll be awestruck by the impossible feats that they'll prove possible right before your very eyes. You'll laugh, surely, and will leave the show with a notion that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
Our family recently had the privilege of attending an afternoon performance of Dream Big, in Manhattan. As we were walking up to "The Big Top", our kiddo's were abuzz about all that they were anticipating seeing during the performance. Let me just tell you, as usual, The Big Apple Circus didn't disappoint one bit! The shows theme "Dream Big" takes you on a journey showcasing the incredible power of imagination.  From start to finish, the kids were sitting on the edge of their seats as they watched performances like Dimitry Chernov's dazzling juggling act, and the Shandong Acrobats as they completely defied the laws of gravity! We all laughed out loud as the hilarious Scott & Murial interacted with the crowd and while Grandma (Barry Lubin) taught an eager audience member the fine art of showering/spraying thyself with water (something like a mouth sprinkler!).

Returning again this season is the always graceful Jenny Vidbel, and she's brought a few new furry friends with her. Three Arabian horse's, a Capybara, and an African Porcupine!
Jenny's act begins as she (seemingly effortlessly) glides into the ring on a gorgeous Arabian horse. She also has a few tricks up her sleeve this season, that you won't want to miss! When we saw the little car roll into the ring, we were all delighted and surprised as "Bob" the Capybara popped out and did his thing (a cute act where he appears to be singing - then he hops back into his little car and rolls back out!).
Dream Big is two full hours of PURE FUN! Yet another incredible performance  from The Big Apple Circus!  Oh' how my family will greatly miss the beloved Barry Lubin as "Grandma". It will never be the same without you.
Give the gift of laughter, awe, and inspiration this Holiday Season! Tickets to the show are the PERFECT gift for everyone on your list! To learn more about The Big Apple Circus and to purchase tickets visit .

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