One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Mobile. Simple. Honest. TruConnect 3G Mobile Broadband Internet YOUR WAY! (Giveaway-Rafflecopter)

Mobile. Simple. Honest. TruConnect 3G Mobile Broadband Internet YOUR WAY! (Giveaway-Rafflecopter)

(TruConnect Mifi Pictured Above-Available Currently For $79.99)
A Little Bit About TruConnect
Mobile Internet Pricing Breakthrough!$4.99 per month + 3.9¢ per megabyte. Pay only for what you use.
The absolute cheapest way to connect to the 3G mobile Internet with your laptop or tablet.  No contracts, no activation fees, no expensive bundles – only pay for what you actually use.  TruConnect is the new way to buy mobile broadband service.
With TruConnect you don’t need to pay for an expensive monthly plan or bundle of megabytes that you may or may not use. And it doesn’t matter if you use a little more one month or nothing the next. TruConnect lets you pay just for what you use. It’s ideal for the casual or occasional user. Simply keep your device in your bag and then pull it out when you need mobile internet access. “Pay by the megabyte” is perfect for most users.
(TruConnect Mobile USB Card Pictured Above-Available Currently For 59.99)

Key features and benefits of the TruConnect service & devices:
  • Breakthrough Pricing: $4.99 per month + 3.9¢ per megabyte. Pay only for what you use.
  • Any Laptop of Tablet: Easily connect any WiFi enabled device with the TruConnect MiFi
  • Risk-Free Return Policy:Return devices any time up to 90 days after purchase. No questions asked.
  • Simply Devices: Choose USB for your laptop or MiFi to connect up to 5 devices
  • Nationwide Coverage: TruConnect uses the Nationwide Sprint Network.1
  • Easy and Simple Setup: Buy a device, activate it on the TruConnect website, and connect to the internet.
(A Look At The Features Of The TruConnect MiFi2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot)

My Experience
 There are often times when I'm out with the kids, running errands, or simply out for the day.  Having access to an internet connection during that time can be a definite plus.  Sometimes I need to connect to the internet for work or to simply check my email accounts, and while connecting to those "free wireless hotspots" that are often offered at coffee shops/restaurants can be an option, I generally prefer not to. As soon as I attempt to connect, my computer or tablet will immediately prompt that "other's may be able to view information that is being sent and received". Personally I'm just not  that trusting! I'm not going to send all of my personal information and passwords (to my most precious accounts) out into the universe, and simply hope for the best.

The MiFi 2200 and TruConnect service offers me piece of mind in knowing that my information is secure, and is the perfect alternative to using those "free" unsecured wireless networks when away from home. The MiFi is super simple to setup, and after you've used the service for a few day's you will quickly be able to gauge your usage and can then top up your account accordingly

 Check out my review of some of the features of the TruConnect MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot device, in the above video.

Give the gift of fast 3G Mobile Internet Service (super portable devices) and the ability to stay connected no matter where your adventures may take you! It truly is the perfect gift for everyone on your Holiday shopping this this year! You can find the TruConnect MiFi 2200 and TruConnect USB Card (pictured/featured above) at

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  1. It goes with you to help keep things secure!

  2. I'm excited about this because being connected everywhere is extremely important to me.

  3. I really want to get a new smart phone so I have internet access...but I hate the idea of having to pay usage fees even if I don't use it much. Having this would be so convenient and I could bring along the iPad too!

  4. I could use this for work! I need to be able to get to the internet when I'm out showing properties.
    Thank You!!

  5. i am excited about this because i could connect from anywhere and anytime i wanted and check savvy mom's fb page and twitter feed.

  6. I am excited about this because I was just talking to someone this week about needing/wanting/wishing there was something that did this very thing!

  7. I love that you only pay for the data you use!

  8. I like that I only pay for what I much better than overpaying!
    Brianna Beers

  9. I watched the great and informative video and besides all the features what I really agree with is the fact that when I do go to a café I really want to keep my information to myself - it sounds affordable and something that I want to try!

  10. I would love to have this, I often have to sit in the car with my impaired son while my wife and youngest shop. Matt does not do well in crowds so we sit in the car and he watches his dvd player while I read or sleep. Would love to be able to surf the net on my PC.

  11. I'm excited about only paying what you use for! It makes it very affordable.


  12. I'm excited about having internet access during long road trips!

    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  13. I'm excited about having internet access when I'm out and about running errands and whatever.

  14. I like that it has Nationwide Coverage!!

  15. I like pay per use and low monthly fee. Great idea!

  16. I can take my son to the beach and enter giveaways at the same time :)

    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. it would definitely come in handy at bus stops

  18. I'm excited because I really need this!!!

  19. Youtube name: katieandbobby4u

  20. I love that it is pay as you use.. I never could use a full 1gb of 3g, so I won't pay for it, but sometimes when we are out and about I need service.. also my older children have tablets and may need service if we are out somewhere.. This is an AWESOME AMAZING service.. I am very, very excited.. I am sharing your video with everyone.. THANKS for the review.. I was debating ordering it, because it seems too good to be true..

  21. I could use this while waiting in doctor's offices, etc. so I could be productive during those times.

  22. I am excited because now I can use my netbook anywhere, anytime and that is awesome to be able to have internet anywhere you go and not be disconnected from the world, we have grown so attached to our computers these days that I really hate to be without internet if we are in the car or out somewhere and need to look something up, this is fantastic
    Thanks for offering this great giveaway
    debis126 at