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"I Don't Know How She Does It" ....Every Mother Can Surely Relate!

When the preview clips for this film first aired, I was a more than thrilled to see a storyline that was finally showcasing the difficulties of juggling and balancing motherhood, work and well, life.

Let's face it the "Leave It To Beaver"  scenario, has been presented over and over again,  but in reality quite frankly (in my humble opinion of course) is non-existent. By all means though, if you find a modern day June Cleaver, please correct my judgement.

All mother's, whether SAHM's, WAHM's, or out working amongst the general population face daily challenges and responsibilities that rival that of circus performers ANY DAY of the week. However, with all of this juggling comes precious rewards that are literally incomparable.
" I Don't Know How She Does It" accurately portrays the life of a working mom, depicting her (familiar) daily struggles with motherhood, her career, and maintaining  a healthy balance in her marriage while ultimately striving to have it all.

Overall, this is definitely a film you want to miss! Fun storyline, speckled with humor and truisms that every mother can surely relate to!

Film Synopsis:
Trying to balance work and family is
 a non-stop juggling act for Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker). As a determined Boston-based finance executive, she devotes her day to her job and her night to her adoring husband Richard (Greg Kinnear) and their two young children. In between conference calls, meetings, deadlines, and her daughter’s school bake sale, Kate manages to survive on a daily basis. But when she gets handed a major new account that will require frequent trips to New York, and Richard also wins the new job he's been hoping for, both will be spreading themselves even thinner. Complicating matters is Kate's charming new business associate Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan), a handsome executive whose unexpected emotional support becomes a source of refuge.
"I Don't Know How She Does It" is now available on Blu-ray™ and DVD at retailer's Nationwide. Bonus features include a conversation with bestselling author, Allison Pearson.

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