One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: #SocialMedia #EpicFail Excessive #Giveaways In The "Mom Blogging" Community **Updated 1/31

#SocialMedia #EpicFail Excessive #Giveaways In The "Mom Blogging" Community **Updated 1/31

Since when did the niche of review blogging become so over the top ridiculous? Contest entrants trying to win several of the same item to sell on Ebay/Amazon? Cheating on Entry Forms?

When did Blogger's start feeling the need to keep up with the Jones', and have a constant stream of "reader giveaways"? It wasn't like this when I started blogging - at all.

Yes, I'm all for a couple, maybe even a few giveaways a month - but it has swelled to something that is clearly out of control. When did folks stop reading blogs, to well, just read blogs?

Blogger's purchasing (yep, literally paying for social media followers ) (or"Stumbling" SU) their way to the top?! This has gotten OUT OF CONTROL - It's like #MeanGirls except it's real life .... and we are NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Don't get me wrong, I have
 met some awesome mom's since I started blogging! There are many truly amazing mom blogger's that are good people, and great at what they do.

But then there's also this whole other side of thing's that is literally overshadowing everything else that's good (great even) about this community.

This is turning into a #SocialMedia #EpicFail in the #Momblogging Community (all in my humble opinion of course).

Update Published 1/31 (see below):

So, WOW, it has been an interesting couple of day's. I've received an onslaught of emails and comments addressing the topic that I addressed in this post (some good, some less than tactful, but I'm glad that it has opened a conversation.)

Some have written post's on some of what I had to say:

Because I'm unable to respond to each and every email / comment, but I feel a response is necessary:

As I stated in the beginning of the above vlog, this is completely out of character. However, this is a topic that needs to be addressed (in my opinion.)

With that being said, yes, I did vlog about a trend in the sector of review blogging that has the potential to change the sector on a whole.

If some would like to take this opportunity to blame my observation (yes, in the form of a vlog) as the reason that all PR professionals refer to mom’s who blog as “mommy blogger’s” (which I’m totally fine with by the way….I’m a mother and a blogger; and proud of both roles) fine.

BUT, here’s the thing …

Review blogging stands on the principles of word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is based wholly on trust, and the trust of an individuals opinions and honesty.

When blogger’s (again, specifically review blogger’s) start inserting various shades of grey to the way that the community operates (i.e. dishonestly pushing numbers) the whole point is lost. The entire concept will ignite skepticism, ultimately diluting what many of us do honestly.

In any area of business, there is a definite need to maintain a certain level of integrity and transparency. Period. I don’t care if your a blogger, mommy blogger, business owner, medical professional etc.- transparency and honesty are necessary.

Have an issue with the way the term “Mom Blogger”? ..... they (as media does) tend to address this community on a whole (unfortunate, but true.) Issues such as these,
surely won’t generate an advance in regard (just the opposite.)

No, I wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and judge their life, however, this is business (in the context that I addressed the issue at hand, in my aforementioned vlog.)

To answer some of the questions that I've received:

Who am I to question what other’s do dishonestly? If they’re doing this to put food on their table, and money in their pocket, who am I to question? ….. REALLY? By those standards, it (as in, LIFE) would just be one huge free-for-all. By any means necessary, right?

From a business standpoint, yes, I do judge how people operate. Certainly. Just as I'm taking a step back and reevaluating how and where I choose to steer the direction of the content published  on One Savvy Mom.

Do you honestly think that what each of us does within this community is without consequence to other’s (either good or bad)?

On the topic of Rafflecopter and "multi-blog" cash giveway's referenced in my vlog:
After I published this post on Friday, I received a request to speak with one of the Co founder's of Earlier today, I had an interesting (and in my opinion, productive) conversation with Greg Goodson of Rafflecopter.

They too are aware of some of the issues that are occurring with the misuse of their application, and are currently seeking to implement changes over the coming month's.

"Like we discussed, we're building a platform overtop of Rafflecopter that will marry brands and blogs in the most authentic way possible and we hope to get back to the roots of 'fashion blogger x w/ a specialty in formal wear gets approached by a fashion formal wear brand y' instead of 'random brand finds large giveaway blogger'.

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop in regards to changes that we make to help reduce those giveaways w/ hundreds of entry options and thousands of points." (Greg Goodson -Cofounder of