One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: #SocialMedia #EpicFail Excessive #Giveaways In The "Mom Blogging" Community **Updated 1/31

#SocialMedia #EpicFail Excessive #Giveaways In The "Mom Blogging" Community **Updated 1/31

Since when did the niche of review blogging become so over the top ridiculous? Contest entrants trying to win several of the same item to sell on Ebay/Amazon? Cheating on Entry Forms?

When did Blogger's start feeling the need to keep up with the Jones', and have a constant stream of "reader giveaways"? It wasn't like this when I started blogging - at all.

Yes, I'm all for a couple, maybe even a few giveaways a month - but it has swelled to something that is clearly out of control. When did folks stop reading blogs, to well, just read blogs?

Blogger's purchasing (yep, literally paying for social media followers ) (or"Stumbling" SU) their way to the top?! This has gotten OUT OF CONTROL - It's like #MeanGirls except it's real life .... and we are NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Don't get me wrong, I have
 met some awesome mom's since I started blogging! There are many truly amazing mom blogger's that are good people, and great at what they do.

But then there's also this whole other side of thing's that is literally overshadowing everything else that's good (great even) about this community.

This is turning into a #SocialMedia #EpicFail in the #Momblogging Community (all in my humble opinion of course).

Update Published 1/31 (see below):

So, WOW, it has been an interesting couple of day's. I've received an onslaught of emails and comments addressing the topic that I addressed in this post (some good, some less than tactful, but I'm glad that it has opened a conversation.)

Some have written post's on some of what I had to say:

Because I'm unable to respond to each and every email / comment, but I feel a response is necessary:

As I stated in the beginning of the above vlog, this is completely out of character. However, this is a topic that needs to be addressed (in my opinion.)

With that being said, yes, I did vlog about a trend in the sector of review blogging that has the potential to change the sector on a whole.

If some would like to take this opportunity to blame my observation (yes, in the form of a vlog) as the reason that all PR professionals refer to mom’s who blog as “mommy blogger’s” (which I’m totally fine with by the way….I’m a mother and a blogger; and proud of both roles) fine.

BUT, here’s the thing …

Review blogging stands on the principles of word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is based wholly on trust, and the trust of an individuals opinions and honesty.

When blogger’s (again, specifically review blogger’s) start inserting various shades of grey to the way that the community operates (i.e. dishonestly pushing numbers) the whole point is lost. The entire concept will ignite skepticism, ultimately diluting what many of us do honestly.

In any area of business, there is a definite need to maintain a certain level of integrity and transparency. Period. I don’t care if your a blogger, mommy blogger, business owner, medical professional etc.- transparency and honesty are necessary.

Have an issue with the way the term “Mom Blogger”? ..... they (as media does) tend to address this community on a whole (unfortunate, but true.) Issues such as these,
surely won’t generate an advance in regard (just the opposite.)

No, I wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and judge their life, however, this is business (in the context that I addressed the issue at hand, in my aforementioned vlog.)

To answer some of the questions that I've received:

Who am I to question what other’s do dishonestly? If they’re doing this to put food on their table, and money in their pocket, who am I to question? ….. REALLY? By those standards, it (as in, LIFE) would just be one huge free-for-all. By any means necessary, right?

From a business standpoint, yes, I do judge how people operate. Certainly. Just as I'm taking a step back and reevaluating how and where I choose to steer the direction of the content published  on One Savvy Mom.

Do you honestly think that what each of us does within this community is without consequence to other’s (either good or bad)?

On the topic of Rafflecopter and "multi-blog" cash giveway's referenced in my vlog:
After I published this post on Friday, I received a request to speak with one of the Co founder's of Earlier today, I had an interesting (and in my opinion, productive) conversation with Greg Goodson of Rafflecopter.

They too are aware of some of the issues that are occurring with the misuse of their application, and are currently seeking to implement changes over the coming month's.

"Like we discussed, we're building a platform overtop of Rafflecopter that will marry brands and blogs in the most authentic way possible and we hope to get back to the roots of 'fashion blogger x w/ a specialty in formal wear gets approached by a fashion formal wear brand y' instead of 'random brand finds large giveaway blogger'.

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop in regards to changes that we make to help reduce those giveaways w/ hundreds of entry options and thousands of points." (Greg Goodson -Cofounder of


  1. I watched the whole thing.

    First...and I hope this isn't weird. You have a nice voice. And I'm impressed with your delivery and how you kept all your thoughts clear.

    I commend you on your integrity.

    On the other hand, I am one that does this for sport. I'm a recluse who finds it hard to be in the world due to a disability. Doing this is what I consider my entertainment, and it's what I like to say is "free gambling". I get a rush like I imagine a gambler does.

    It gives me something to do, and that's a good thing and sometimes can be the thing that teeters me from horrible isolation and feelings of being flat to the opposite.

    I've also won more than one of the same item. Not twenty, mind you. And not in setting out to do so. Sometimes a handful of blogs are running giveaways for the same thing at the same time and as I think it's really neat, I'll enter more than one to increase my chance of winning. And sometimes I've won on more than one.

    That being turned into a blessing this past year and frankly I'd do it all over again tenfold - the same way this year. On Christmas Eve I was watching the news. A story of a family with four children came on. Their van, with the presents inside, had been stolen from the mall parking lot. It was literally 6pm on Christmas Eve and to see the mom sobbing on the news touched me.

    I went around and had things (either from winning double or from winning things that I didn't set out to win- sometimes to get an extra entry into something I did want, I'd enter another contest on the site) to give that family something for Christmas.

    If I'm a sportsman, and that was the victory, I'll do it all over again this year for the same reason.

    That sounds a little defensive and I really don't mean it to. I'm just sharing my perspective and again... I absolutely feel your heart on yours and applaud you for being a woman of integrity.

  2. Excellent Vlog and blog post Sarah. As you know...we dumped rafflecopter off of our giveaways due to the fact it was bringing in way too many cheaters to count. We only want honest people winning our giveaways.

    As you pointed out in your vlog, it is really stupid and unfair for other bloggers to be over-inflating their entries using Rafflecopter to just give the appearance to other people that they "are bigger & better". (notice: I did say "appearance").

    We do run a lot of giveaways on our blog but we do have 6 reviewers. With that said, we have been adding more content to our blog like articles we write, informational pieces, etc. We are not your "typical" mom blog and we didn't set out to become one since my partner and I both have older kids (although I do have a 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter).

    I believe in running a blog with professionalism, ethics and integrity and if others want to cheat the system...then so be it...but we won't be one of those.

  3. First I want to say that your blog (from the perspective of one out here looking in) is one that definitely projects polish and professionalism. I always enjoy coming here.

    Won, I hear you, I am sort of the same way -- I am currently trying to win a baby stroller for someone who doesn't know me from Adam (err - Eve)and can barely afford clothes for her kids much less a stroller...but I guarantee you she will have a brand new stroller from a total stranger if I win it. Kudos to you for doing what you did; I understand well why you did it. It feels GOOD. It goes around ...

    Shelly -- you're one of my all-time favorite bloggers and I visit your site often. As with One Savvy Mom, you maintain a professional and polished demeanor on your blog and I respect that. A lot.

    Last, I want to relate something that happened to me. When this happened I was in disbelief with no recourse, no one to ask, "What should I do about this!?" I entered a giveaway at a blog that was new to me, one that didn't seem to be very heavily traveled. She was part of a major corporate-sponsored campaign. At the time there were 15 or so of the same giveaway across the mommy-blogs and review blogs and it was a prize pack I really wanted to win. I went back to her site late on the evening the giveaway was going to end to see if she had yet picked a winner. To my surprise, my entry was THE ONLY ONE THERE. I left another entry asking if mine was the only entry (so now there were two entries on her giveaway, both mine.)

    The next day I checked her giveaway again and my two entries were the only two there. I checked several times, mine was still the only entry. Late that night, after her giveaway had been over for 24 hours, as I checked her blog again for a winner post, I saw that she had added an entry above mine, making this "new" entry the first entry ....and, she had announced this new entry as the winner! WOW.

    I wrote to her asking how this entry had suddenly appeared after a week of my entry sitting there alone but she didn't answer. I left it alone when I didn't hear back from her but was very surprised at the blatant dishonesty. This was a $400 prize pack.

    It definitely opened my eyes to what can happen when dealing with an unscrupulous blog ...and made me appreciate the ones that I admire and feel to be the professional ones.

  4. I pretty much agree with you - especially for the multiple blog Rafflecopter giveaways. I don't mind the small ones as much, but it seems like my entire Facebook feed is taken up by these. I miss single blogger giveaways, and I miss the days before Rafflecopter. I haven't switched to Rafflecopter, because I do believe it adds more cheaters, and unfortunately, it makes these multi-blog giveaways so easy (thus the overload of them).

    I also hate the programs that are used just to gain Twitter followers (not giveaways). My Twitter numbers may not be huge, but I know I didn't buy them at least.

    Great post/vlog!

  5. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not here to judge. Kudos to you for the "balls" to post this vlog/rant.

    However just out of curiosity someone tweets your giveaway. So people who have never heard of you come to enter your giveaway. The one you currently have running the mandatory entry is to follow you on GFC. Once you click that you get options such as follow you on twitter, Review Our Site On Alexa, Join the forum, Subscribe To One Savvy Mom's YouTube Channel.

    These are all ways that people get entries that boost your numbers. A lot of these people won't be back. So is it not in a way building false numbers as you put it?

    I got same types of entries regarding follow on twitter etc though I do plan on getting away from that soon just as I am also trying to back away from giveaways period. Too much work for giant headaches IMO.

    I just find that what you are "Ranting" about you are in a way doing it yourself.

    Though I totally got your back on the rudeness thing. People seem to forget their manners when sitting behind a computer screen.

  6. I liked your vlog...listened 6o the whole thing and agree. If I win something twice, I ask the second blogger to chose someone else to win so I am not greedy. I hate the multi-site rafflecopter giveaways. I won't even bother with them. I think they are a waste of time. I would feel dishonest and that's just not me. I won't even sign up for twitter because I think people just use it to rack up extra entries. I'd like to see one or two entries only to make things more fair for everyone, personally.

  7. That is all we can do. Just be who we are :)

  8. Hi Sarah :)

    I almost always skip over multi-blog giveaways. If the giveaways involve 2-4 blogs, then I may enter depending on the mandatory and optional entry requirements. My FB newsfeed is very busy as it is now and I really dislike adding more to it.

    You have a lovely voice and I watched the video to the very end. I'm glad you made the video and posted your thoughts. They are great ways to relieve stress and to express your point of view. One Savvy Mom is one of my favorite blogs to visit every day, and I hope it continues to grow the way you would like it to.

    Have a great weekend too! :)

  9. @Nolie Hi Nolie :)
    Thanks for the comment- and I can totally understand your perspective. Yes, I do require that entrants follow through GFC - when picking a winner. It helps to have a few ways to contact folks when they've won (in the past I've chosen a winner and the method of contact that they left wasn't valid - so it helped to ellimiate that. Everything else is basically optional and standard.

    That's not the issue that I'm having - it's with people going out to sites and literally purchasing followers or holding self-sponsored cash giveaways that require entrants follow a list of bloggers multipe ways to enter (and not just doing this once- doing it over and over again).

    I'm out in the open and fairly up front - however other's are building numbers and presenting themseleves to pr, and the world as something that they are not. Over-shadowing both the point of this whole niche of blogging, and blogger's that actually build their numbers/followers the good old fashioned way. The follower's I have took me 27 months to build -
    I don't Stumble picture/quote posts..."fluff" basically to inflate my views into the millions - I really try to be a "what you see is what you get" kinda gal. Some of these bloggers started blogging only a few short months ago and have 20,000-40,000 twitter followers, between 3,000 - 8,000 GFC followers etc.... all as a result of these sketchy tactics.
    It's a "screw the road to sucess - I think I'll just take it cause' I'm me"attitude, some seem to have left their morals at the curb and are on a onward and upward (no matter what the cost) quest.

    I totally agree - if most of these folks that whip out their nasty tudes online were to come face to face with blogger's in person they wouldn't think about talking the way that they do in emails/tweets -yet they hit the send button with no regard for the recipient on the other end (and go on their merry way).

    Hopefully thing's will change but if they don't, it's ok. I'll still be me, and life will go on.

    Have a great weekend :)

  10. @Alan (Omega Doom) Hi Alan :) Thank you! I really appreciate reader's such as yourself that are honest and friendly. Thank you for understanding, and for reading & participating :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. @won Hi:) Thank you for the comment. I'm so sorry to hear that! After losing 3 close family members myself (very suddenly and unexpect.over a short period of time) - the trauma of the situation induced anxiety that was (and still is at times) overwhelming, so I can definitely understand that this platform is a fun outlet for you :)

    And please know that I'm not speaking about folks who enter contests on a whole- by all means I want people to enter (of course thats what they are made available for)- it's just the issue with folks who literally set out to win the same item over and over again... and by any means necessary (there are a few issues with entrants using multiple email addr/accounts etc) it's all very intentional- then they turn around and sell the items on ebay/amazon.

    It's really meant for readers to have the op to experience a product, and with this cheating and unfairly entering - it's not giving everyone a fair chance at having that opporutnity.

    I think it's AWESOME what you were able to do for a family in need! :)Those are the kind of stories I LOVE to hear!...that it's made someones day to win / experience or share a won product with someone.:)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. @Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom

    Hi :) Thank you for the comment - I hear ya, everything seems to be rapidly changing.

    While I'm aware that change is necessary for growth - especially in social media, I'm really fearful of where this is all going. It's setting a precedent in this niche of blogging, and I would rather stop blogging all together then get swept up in all of the craziness.

    In response to your comment on my other post - I'm definitely going to do another vlog to show blogger's the various ways entrants are cheating on the Rafflecopter form.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  13. Thank you for posting this. I couldn't agree more.

    I post a few giveaways on my site. Mostly I blog to share funny stories, vent about life and post memories to look back on.

  14. I watched the whole video. I agree with some of it for sure. I yes like to enter giveaways. I have entered multiple giveaways of the samething but you can only win once from one of the blogs some will say. So if you won it from one and you win it again you should decline that win. If i win something and have not received it i will write back to the blogger saying i have not received the item. I hope i do not come across rude like the person that wrote you. But when i do receive my prize i always write back to the blogger to thank them for it.
    I am probably a little odd as if you told me i won i would give you my information and then i would ask you to email me back to know if you got my email. Reason is i have lost out on a win as they said they never received my email.

    The blogs that you are talking about that pay into it for a giveaway. I have entered those. I agree that it is to much. But with Rafflecopter it is quicker and still annoying to do it. Yes it is to get there numbers up.

    I have no idea how you could cheat with Rafflecopter as it remembers you anyways and i don't want to know.
    I do enjoy giveaways. But i also do enjoy reading some of these blogs not just for giveaways but for there writing even on other things.

    I myself don't have much of a blog and still have lots to learn but at this point i know that when i neter giveaways i am not such a fan of doing all the extras but i do them because it helps. But when i have done a giveaway myself (not many) I don't ask for lots of extra entries unless asked by PR.

    Sorry for going on.

    Good Vlog.

  15. @Schmidty wow Schmidty, that is just terrible!!! Sounds like that blogger did cheat and probably gave the prize to a friend/family member. Perhaps you should of contacted the sponsoring company about it.

    I had something similar happen to me once about 2 years ago. I won a $25 GC from a blog and there was only 4 entrants. I received my confirmation email and replied. She replied telling me she sent it to the company.

    A month later I contacted the blogger to let her know I never got the $25 GC. She ignored me for the next month. I finally just contacted the company myself. They replied back stating that they mailed the $25 Visa GC to me at XXXXXXX address. Well, after some investigation that address was actually the bloggers neighbor's address and not mine!

    The company made good on it and did eventually send me my $25 GC and they did apologize and told me that they would NEVER work with that blogger again.

    Sorry to will find a few (and I mean a FEW) bad bloggers but overall...the majority of us are honest, decent and professional.

  16. I was a sweeper (someone who entered contests, giveaways and of course sweepstakes) long before I got into blogging. I started blogging, in fact, because it was easier for me to upload pics and tell about the WDW trip we won one time than email everyone the same info over and over - slow computer that took forever to upload pics. ;)

    There are a lot of changes in the sweeping world, some good, some not so good. I am an active member of a sweepstakes community so I see a lot of "behind the scenes b*tching if you will.

    Most DESPISE the creative presentations- that is where many many blogs give away one prize. How cheap does that make the sponsor look? Really, it's nothing for them and lots of advertising across the net, but it leaves a bad taste in the entrants mouth- not, I'm sure, what they had in mind at all.

    I don't think Rafflecopter is inherently bad, but most actively dislike the ones that you have to like/friend/follow everyone and his brother (or sister as the case may be) - and have NO RESPECT and no intention of returning to those bloggers except to enter other giveaways - and if that's why they blog and what they are looking for, well, so be it. If sponsors can't look past and see a two month old blog didn't generate thousands of "fans" without skipping over the learning curve and buying their way in and have NO LOYALTY amongst their fan base, and choose those bloggers with inflated numbers to represent them, well, that's their business, but I can assure you from the perspective of the entrants (who, yes, we as a community of sweepers in general ARE loyal to companies and products that go out of their way to give us a chance to try out their product or win something from them) then it will be their loss when they get no new customers/consumers etc, just a short inflation in traffic and return visitors only when they offer a new freebie or giveaway.

    There is an element of greed in some, of course, though most of the sweepers are helpful, wonderful people you have those that will enter every and everything and like the hoarders on extreme couponers they have no use or desire for the wins they just like the thrill. (If they were donating the items, or giving to friends, family members, even strangers that would be one thing, but the few aren't they are just acquiring just to acquire. If they win 2, 4 even a dozen of the same thing they keep them all.) This is fairly easily solved by the sponsors putting in a disclaimer - or having the hosting blogger do so- that only one of a like prize can be won per family of any given item within a certain time frame.

    Sweeping is a longtime passion of mine, and blogging has become one - I have two blogs and have been at it since 2008 and I'll never have those numbers because I dislike heartily the stupid games you have to play to get them, but I'll take my piddly numbers and the interaction from our real readers (once I find them again, we recently switched to wordpress and lost them all lololol) and host the occasional giveaway and keep my integrity. As a sweeper I'll probably enter for some things even though I dislike the tactics if I want the prize badly enough, but I don't read their tweets or interact with them on twitter or give a darn about their opinions or their sponsors because I don't trust what they are saying about the companies etc because I feel like they can be bought.

    Ha, sorry, didn't mean to write a novel, but there you go, this is an issue that is near and dear to me on many levels.

    Oh and just an aside - when they give 20 entries to put your name and 50 for following on gfc and... et al if the sponsors/marketers etc that they work with are too stupid to realize they only have 20 actual people entering even though they are saying oh I have over 10,000 entries in all my giveaways, it serves them all right imo. ;)

  17. Being a blogger myself, I use rafflecopter and will join, on occasion, a milti blog giveaway. Sometimes this is the only way new bloggers can gain followers to get themselves established. Even if this causes inflated numbers, the companies that sponsor these blog giveaways, product review etc, are not stupid my any means. I believe most companies do not give products to review solely based on numbers. I believe content has a lot to do with it as well. Sites like Tomoson offer smaller bloggers the chance to review products and unfortunately they do not seem to be very picky on content but bigger companies I believe take content as well as numbers into consideration. I personally love the giveaways especially in this economy where most people can not just afford to go out and buy big ticket items like a kindle or an ipad. And I have been blessed enough that I have met a lot of people wo donate their prizes or share.

  18. I have not read the previous comments so please excuse me if I repeat anything that was said in advance.

    1 - Rude winners? Pushy people?

    EFF them! I am a product review/giveaway blogger as well, been doing this almost 21 months, so I started just after you, and the number ONE thing I adore about it is I work for ME. I answer to no one and if I don't like how someone spoke to me, I let it be known! How simple is a please or thank you? If they can't do that, I will and have call them out on it.

    2 - Multiple Blogger giveaways

    I recently just participated in my first with 13 other bloggers to giveaway a Kindle Fire. I gained 600 Facebook likes in 2 weeks. I also saw many new entrants on my single giveaways during that time. It was a win/win for me. I see your point, however, we all hope to gain followers via a giveaway regardless if it's from GFC, twitter, etc. that's how we've built our sites to this calibur, so doing it via a multiple blogger giveaway isn't so different. I also feel that you're correct, it won't increase your monthly uniques, Alexa number, or page rank, but as a blogger, you know that is the real thing that PR care about anyway.

    Good for you for speaking your mind!

  19. I admire you for posting this! It took courage because there is the chance you will get hate mail.....

    That being said, I can also understand your frustration. BUT do know this: as social media and blogging grows, good PR reps will start to look at other factors when deciding whom to work with, including interaction. If a blogger has 10K followers on Facebook but only has 50 "talking about" this page, they are not going to do a very good job for the brand are they?

    Then there is twitter....more than just looking at the numbers, a professional PR rep interested in an influential blogger to represent her brand will look at the past tweets. If they are only tweeting rarely and mostly links, that might prevent them from choosing that blogger. I hope.

  20. @Schmidty Hi :) Thank you for the comment and kind words :)I fully commend what you and won have done with wins and giving to those in need! Those are the kind of stories I LOVE to hear! It's those who are blatantly setting out to win 10+ of the same item fully knowing that they are going to turn around and sell it (some of these people actually sell their winnings on Ebay/Amazon).

    The cheating other's out of the fair chance to win by using 5+ email addr, Facebook Accounts- is unfair and plain wrong.

    The situation with the other blogger definitely seems off! In some instances, I've had issues with sponsors that either drag their feet at shipping, or in a few instances haven't shipped the prizes at all. I'm seeking to solve that issue now by requiring giveaway items up-front prior to publishing the giveaway. Making it much easier for pr/brands, entrants, and myself (hopefully this will relieve some of the stress for everyone involved:)

    I really do appreciate genuine honest entrants and reader's such as yourself. Have a great weekend!:)

  21. I guess I am just the type of person (and blogger) that feels hard work, dedication, honesty, professionalism and friendliness pays off. I do not like cheating (in any form) by either bloggers or by the sweepers.

    Let me make it clear...I do enter giveaways and I am a review blogger. I know "both" sides of the coin.

    Personally, I would rather have 3,000 followers who really love our content/posts, our giveaways, who appreciate us, who have gotten to know us, who participate & interact on our blog than have 20,000 followers who do nothing but enter our giveaways. I am NOT all about the "numbers" and feel it is more important to get those "numbers" by doing it the honest, professional and hard way.


  22. I do think things have gone pretty crazy. I think I liked things better before. I don't think a lot of people realize that Rafflecopter can be set to track IP also, like when comments were checked, but I see a LOT more entries with whose that use rafflecopter than in the comment system and I don't think all the hosts using Rafflecopter check for that.

    I'm a sweeper, I enter sweeps and other giveaways, my hobby, my way of extending my income. I do enter some of the multi-blog giveaways, I can use the prize, but I do think it's gotten way out of hand, including the time I spend entering. My roommate enters sweeps and giveaways as well, I let her use my laptop, she doesn't have a computer. Many times we'll enter for the same prize on different blogs, unless it's a one per household campaign. I started a shared Google Docs spreadsheet that has the giveaways we've entered. Although we still make mistakes on occasion, like I did today (I did ask to have my entries removed), if a blog says one per household (ISP), we try to abide. (Even though the only reason we are considered the same household is that we share the same physical address). Makes it even stickier if my step mom comes to visit, but she hasn't for a while. Now for those that don't post one per household (ISP)rules, if we were to, and a couple of years ago we did, enter on the same blog, we can't be accused of cheating.

    I also very much realize that a blogger, as a host is not responsible for prize delivery, if I don't receive a win, I will normally contact the host, but they can only do so much. It does bother me however when I don't receive a reply. I've won a few nice things I haven't received.

    When either of us wins more than one prize, the dupes are used (by the winner), given as gifts or given to friends who could use it. There was one where I won two gift cards and June won one, I received 1, Junie contacted the host and the PR firm told her that the card had been sent to me, after explaining that there were two people entering from the same physical address, and the names of the blogs that the wins were from, the cards were finally sent. Luckily I can trust Junie, because both cards were sent to her. There are a couple of times I won a multiples, but only received one. Now if the rules state I can only receive one, that's fine, but...

    Unfortunately, many of those who sell on eBayAmazon did so even before the blog giveaways became so popular, when they were lucky enough to win on regular sweeps.

    See, I actually do read posts on occasion at least on certain blogs, I don't often comment though

  23. I am fairly new to the review/giveaway world only 3 months into this. I love love love it for sure but it definitely is hard work. When it comes to cheating with Rafflecopter I go through my entries after the giveaway commences and go through them with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no cheats. One thing I do like is that it shows the IP address of the entrant. This in itself helps to ensure noone is using 2 different emails etc.

    Again I understand some of your beefs for sure. Its frustrating being an honest hard working blogger in a world full of those that can be dishonest.

    Well I really don't have much too add as again I am fairly new to all of this and its all a learning curve for me.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions.
    Some very valid points.


  24. well I've been blogging for 5 years and am a thoroughly middle-of-the-road (numbers wise) blogger. I don't have massive numbers and I don't intend on getting massive numbers :). I love blogging and do it because I love it.

    I have done all sorts of various types of giveaways and promotions and such over the years- mostly I just like to try different things out... if I like it I will do it again. If I don't... not so much!

    I often will do things to support some of my blogging buddies- for example I joined my very first group giveaway recently for that very purpose! I had never done one before and as it turns out it was great fun! I will probably join in another one. I have discovered a whole whack of new blogs... which can be hard to do when you've been around for 5 years. Perhaps I've gotten into a little rut or something. I'm enjoying reading all my new friends now.

    Anyway, I suppose since I have no particular drive to take over the PR world and no delusions that I will become the next big blogging star it doesn't bother me too much - sure my numbers went up after the group giveaway and I can see why that would attract people. But I can't say that any new PR people have suddenly come knocking at my door :)

    I think their are really wonderful, truly quality bloggers who do things in all sorts of different ways and I say more power to them. I don't see anything unethical about it and I agree with the commenters above who said that PR people should be able to look at more than just current numbers to see quality of the the blog in general. We are all entitled to our own way of doing things and I am pretty thankful for that :)

    It's actually one of my favourite parts of blogging - how we all can have our own voice and yet still be a part of this wonderful community. I love that we can have different voices, different opinions, different views and still support each other. :)

    Have a great week!

  25. First, I must say that I love your blog and I truly appreciate anyone that speaks out in favor of honesty and integrity. Our world is full of so many of the other kind. So, thank you.
    Second, this has all been so informative--your post and everyone's comments. I also did not realize that RC made cheating easier--I thought it would actually be better at exposing the cheaters. I think it is so much easier to enter using a RC, but it sounds like it may be more difficult to win, lol. I will say, though, that the new RC makes it easy for me to remember (with my old brain, lol), which entries I have already completed. I like that!
    The blogging scene is no different from anything else, I guess. There will always be wonderful people that share what they have and live with integrity...and there will always be cheaters that try to take advantage of them and get all they can at the expense of others.
    In the end, we honest ones are the real winners and I wouldn't trade that for a million wins.