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iFrogz Introduces New Animatones Line Of Child Friendly Volume Limiting Headphones

With tablets, mp3 player's, i Devices and gaming systems topping childrens' Holiday Wish Lists this year, finding appropriate kid safe accessories is a must! Chances are, your child will be using these new devices at some point with headphones; making the right accessory choice to protect their sensitive ears is imperative.

Did you know that listening to media [even for a short period of time] at the maximum level that most MP3 players and media devices produce sound [120 decibels] can lead to hearing loss in children?
We adore the new animal themed line by iFrogz, and not just because they are so darn cute [but it certainly helps!] These critter themed headphones [available in both on ear and in ear versions] are volume limiting and only produce sound at a maximum level of 85 decibels; helping to protect your child's little ears.

Both the in-ear [earbuds] and on-ear [headphones] Animatones are designed with your child's comfort in mind. The Animatones Headphones feature adorable themed exteriors [currently available in turtle, snail and ladybug pattern choices] complete with soft padded covers and an adjustable headband. The Animatones Earbuds [currently available in snake, walrus and deer themes] feature 4 interchangeable soft tips for a custom fit, that grows with your child.

Animatones by iFrogz would make a great gift; they are the perfect companion to all of those electronic gadgets that are topping wish list's this Holiday Season!
More on Animatones by iFrogz:
The Animatones headphones feature playful child friendly styling and volume limiting speakers. Kids will love the fun look, sturdy, and lightweight construction. Parents can feel safe knowing the built-in volume governor will not play media over 85 decibels.

Product Features:
  • 3 fun child friendly designs
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Volume limiter to protect young ears
For more information and to purchase Animatone Headphones and Earbuds visit them online at: . You can also find them at select retailers Nationwide, such as Best Buy.

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