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Kids Craft Tutorial: How To Create A Magical Christmas Wish List With "Santa's Secret Ink"

Recently, I shared all of the great tips that Target Kids' Gift Detective, Jonna Mendez, shared with me for finding the perfect gifts this holiday season. One of Jonna's recommendations to find the perfect presents for my children was "Clandestine Communication".

Jonna suggested an adorable Christmas wish-list making project using "Santa's Secret Ink". This fun & simple craft is the perfect way to help kids create a super special wish list this holiday season -- that is meant for "Santa's Eyes Only"!

Creating holiday wish list's using "Santa's Secret Ink" is a great way to find out just what their little hearts desire, while still maintaining the holiday magic for your little one's.

What you will need:

  • Bottle or Jar
  • Small bottle of lemon juice
  • Self Adhesive Label or Tape and Paper (your choice)
  • Markers or Paint Brushes (to doodle on the label)
  • Small bowl
  • Paint Brushes or cotton swaps
  • Lemon Juice
  • White Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Hair Dryer

How To:
  • Create  a label for your squirt bottle (white condiment bottles can be found at the dollar store) that reads "Santa's Secret Ink" and affix it to the bottle or jar.
  • Pour the lemon juice in the bottle.
  • Pour a small amount of t he "Santa's Secret Ink" in a small bowl
  • Provide your kids with paint brushes and white paper
  • Have your children dip their paint brushes or cotton swabs in the "Secret Ink" and write what they want for the holiday's on the white paper.
  • Allow the "Secret Ink" to dry (note: it dries clear)
  • Have the kids seal their letters in an envelope for "Santa".
  • Parents can simply use a hair dryer on medium heat to heat the paper. When heated the lemon juice ( "Santa's Secret Ink") will turn brown and you can read all of the items that top your children's wish list this year!
This is a great holiday tradition to start with your little one's!

Happy Crafting & Happy Holidays!

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