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Newborn Essentials Guide: "Must-Have" Gear - For The First 3 Month's

Our little guy is 14 weeks old today. I am in complete disbelief. Seriously you guy's - where does the time go? You know the quote "the day's are long - but the year's are short"? It's so very true. You may not believe it while your cross-eyed from sleep deprivation - but believe me. You blink, and they are seemingly all grown-up. My nine year old is already there --and my seven year old isn't too far behind. So, we are cherishing every single second of babyhood over here and truly soaking it all in.

These past 14 weeks with our little guy have been amazing and most certainly life-changing.  In the very best ways, of course.

The nine items that top our list of "must-haves" for 0-3 month's are:

ONE: Diaper Duty isn't something that tops any one's list of favorites - but having the best tools for the job can definitely make it easier. While we have tried our fair share of diaper receptacles, The Whisper Diaper Pail is by far our absolute favorite. This trusty little pail offers a foot pedal for hands-free disposal - and with the simple push of a button a mist is released (within the pail) to eliminate any unpleasant odors. And I do mean eliminate. The Whisper spray doesn't just cover up odors- it neutralizes them. Each can of Whisper spray has enough spray for 200 diapers and each pail purchase comes with 3 cans of Whisper spray (replacement cans are currently available at a very modest price point). The Whisper Diaper Pail doesn't require special bags or cartridges either - you can use standard 13 gallon trash bags- making this diaper pail a fairly frugal option comparatively.  For more on The Whisper Diaper Pail visit:

TWO: Zen Swaddles by Nested Bean take the art of swaddling to a whole new level! These adorable cotton swaddle blankets boast slightly weighted channels on both sides and one small area on the front - which wrap baby in a loving comfort, that most resembles the arms of a caregiver. These adorable {GENIUS} swaddles are the next-best thing to mom & dad's arms. Our son absolutely LOVES these swaddles - and he continues to enjoy swaddling at 14 weeks old. Zen swaddles are available in several adorable pattern/color options and are offered in various sizes too. Visit:

THREE: The Automatic Bouncer by Ingenuity is an absolute life-saver. I kid you not. If  we didn't have this bouncer, I don't know what I would have done for the last 3 months. Our little guy LOVES it. It's where he finds his Zen. He isn't a huge fan of the swing, but the gentle bouncing of this automatic bouncer calms him like no-other. My husband picked this up at Target shortly after our little guy was born and it has been used daily ever since. We love the neutral colors and the price point ($59.99) can't be beat! It comes with two automatic bouncing options (with both a standard bouncing motion option or a heartbeat bouncing rhythm option to choose from). This great little seat also offers up nature sounds, white noise, and music (with volume & on/off controls). The Automatic Bouncer by Ingenuity is powered by 4 C batteries, but we haven't had to change them yet - even with 14 weeks of continual use - which is pretty impressive!. Oh and did I mention that the seat pad is removable and machine washable? This bouncer is seriously an absolute must!  You can find the Automatic Bouncer by Ingenuity at select retailer's nationwide and at 

FOUR: A quality stroller is ESSENTIAL. With three children, we have certainly tried our fair share of strollers. Though, there is only one brand {to date} that has won me over for life. JOOVY. They make what parents want. They don't cut corners in production. And the final product? Is always, a product that I can trust. The 2014 Joovy Scooter is no exception. We absolutely adore all of the features in the newly revamped Scooter. It offers up a sleek Euro-style frame while also featuring one of my favorite features found in Joovy's strollers. A GIANT canopy. This beauty offers four big panels, that when fully extended,  completely shield and protect baby from the elements. This stroller also features a removable washable seat pad (a must!), a large storage basket (with zipper access for when the seat is fully reclined)  , a parent cup holder, a zippered storage pocket, and a bumper-bar. Joovy has also made an adapter (bar) for the 2014 Scooter which accepts most infant car seats; to turn the Scooter into a travel-system (sold separately). Additionally they are also offering a snack tray for this model (also sold separately) which is interchangeable with the bumper bar. The Scooter offers a compact, free-standing fold -making it the perfect pick for those who are pressed for storage space or apartment dwellers. You can find the 2014 Joovy Scooter at select retailer's nationwide and online at 

FIVE: The feeding schedule during those first few months can be intense. Especially if you are nursing. Everyone tends to rest a little easier in our home with the Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper. Keeping our little guy close is just as comforting for us as it is for him. I have always enjoyed co-sleeping and the Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper offers up the safest way for us to co-sleep with our little one. We love all of the great patterns and color choices too. You can find the Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper at select retailer's nationwide and online at:

SIX: We are only weeks away from introducing "first foods" to our little guy and we have been experimenting with Sage Spoonfuls. We plan on only feeding our baby homemade {organic} baby food - so Sage Spoonfuls is the perfect companion. The "on-the-go" package comes with everything needed to get started. Including: a travel bag, storage container's (BPA FREE), a food processor, immersion blender, labels, ice pack, recipe booklet and more. We are loving this system so far and we can't wait to see what our little guy thinks of the finished product! We will be sure to update everyone here in a few weeks. You can find Sage Spoonfuls at select retailer's nationwide and online at 

SEVEN: Our little guy made his debut in late February. Right in the midst of cold season. Despite our very best efforts - he wound up catching a cold at just two weeks old. The Graco Automatic Nasal Aspirator was an absolute essential for us. It helped me keep his nasal passages clear and requires only the simple push of a button. It was much more effective than a bulb aspirator and it's certainly more speedy -which is a huge plus when caring for a Newborn. You can find the Graco Automatic Nasal Aspirator at select retailer's nationwide.

EIGHT: I am in love with baby wearing. The Moby Wrap makes it so simple and comfortable to wear baby while moving around the house and while out and about. Once I got the hang of the newborn hold and the kangaroo hold - it was a cinch to get the wrap on. Though I will say, it's a definite learning process when it comes to getting the wrap on.  After 3 or 4 tries though, you'll find more confidence in the process. I never really had great luck with carriers with my 2 older children so, I am SO very thankful that I tried the Moby Wrap. Wraps are definitely the most comfortable way to baby wear, in my opinion. We're hooked. My little guy loves hanging out in the wrap and I love keeping him close to me. You can find the Moby Wrap at select retailer's nationwide and online at 

NINE: Soft and cozy blankets are certainly an essential for little one's.  We are absolutely loving, the large Petit Oiseau Blankets by Little Lew. Not only are they super soft {complete with tiny -adorable- pink or blue birds} they are super absorbent {think-moisture wicking}. Petit Oiseau Blankets by Little Lew are perfect for little teether's! Visit: .  Be sure to check out the UnderBib - also by Little Lew - while you're there! Another genius invention, from one very smart mama.

*Disclosure: Samples of some of the featured products were provided for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.