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Be Bold. Be You. #LMMUBU

My daughter. Since the very beginning, there was just something about her. 

See that picture up above? Top left. The one with her little pinky finger sticking out, while she's devouring a Christmas cookie? That's my lulu! We knew, THAT early on, that our daughter was a force to be reckoned with.

She does everything with equal amounts of pizzazz and grace. 

She has always been opinionated and she has always voiced her opinion with very little reserve. It keeps us on our toes around here.

She has always stood up for herself and she's quick to protect the ones she loves. 

Her personality is larger than life.

She doesn't give much thought to what others think about her. 

She's completely comfortable in her own skin. 

I aspire to be more like her someday.
Her personality definitely shines through in her everyday fashion choices. She has ALWAYS had an eye for fashion and she has always had her own very individual sense of style. See that other pic above? Top, bottom right? Yep, she's the kind of gal that breaks out the glitter boots and goes head to toe pink, for an afternoon of horseback riding. You can't miss her! She usually has a fabulous hat, purse, and sunglasses to match too. She loves to accessorize!

Fashion is a huge creative outlet for my daughter. It allows her to express herself. It's her very own personal billboard {her words - not mine}. So, I try not to interfere too much when it comes to her attire (within reason of course).
One of her go-to favorite brands?  LittleMissMatched! Self-expression is what this brand is all about. All of their mix & match pieces offer up bright pops of color, bold patterns, and fun graphics.

Her newest obsession from LittleMissMatched? The Plumtastic Peacoat  (pictured above and below). This adorable coat proves that pulling on the extra layers this season, doesn't have to snuff out your style! They have updated a classic design with uber cute and colorful buttons, and a bright pop of purple.

The quality is instantly apparent too. Check out the satin heart lining and the inner pink piping. (pictured above). All of this detail, at a price point of $69? Just fabulous!

Their motto? "Think outside the socks. Dress beyond the 

box.Twist orange & blue. Be bold. Let you be you." 


Share your fave LMM looks with #LMMUBU and you could be featured on their site.

Love the Plumtastic Peacoat as much as we do? You can find it at select retail locations nationwide and online at:

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