One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Change The Way Your Children Store & Care For Their Glasses With Lenz Frenz ®

Change The Way Your Children Store & Care For Their Glasses With Lenz Frenz ®

Do you have a child that wears eyeglasses? Help ease the transition into wearing and caring for their eyeglasses, with these new plush cases from Lenz Frenz! SUPER CUTE, right? 

These plush animal cases house a hard shell {lined} case, that protects your child's glasses while en-route and at home.  These little cuties also help prevent loss of eyeglasses both by design and size; the Lenz Frenz is far easier to spot {especially for a child} than a standard eyeglass case!  

We adore that a caring mother (Molly Lofthouse) designed Lenz Frenz. You all know how I feel about mom invented products. I definitely think it's safe to say that I have an affinity for smart children's products, designed by smart moms! 
More About Lenz Frenz:
The standard 14" Lenz Frenz® is a carefully detailed plush animal with full-sized, hard-shelled and padded glasses case built into the body. The rear-opening case is permanently attached inside the animal to insure the glasses are safely housed inside the Lenz Frenz® as he will be, undoubtedly, toted to and fro. The large-sized Lenz Frenz® also have proprietary earpiece holders camouflaged on the animals head so the animal can "wear" the glasses too when they are not stored in the case or being worn by your child.

Li'l Lenz Frenz  is is a 6" miniaturized version for contact lenses. The same level of care and detail has gone into making Li'l Lenz Frenz  a stylish, on-the-go option for those who wear contacts. Li'l Lenz Frenz comes in six characters (Teddy,PuppyUnicornMonkeyT-Rex, and Owl), and also comes with a FREE contacts case!

Check out more on how the secret case inside the Lenz Frenz works in the video below:

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