One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: How To Make A DIY Dry-Erase Busy Book For Kids - Perfect For Summer Travel #FuelTheLove

How To Make A DIY Dry-Erase Busy Book For Kids - Perfect For Summer Travel #FuelTheLove

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As you hit the road for family fun this summer, remember that half the fun is in getting there! Sometimes that can be hard to remember that though when you're listening to grumbles of "are we there yet?" every 2 seconds from the back seat. 
To avoid frustration while we're getting to where we're going this summer I put together these DIY Dry-Erase Busy Books in about 30 minutes for my older kids. Each book includes reusable coloring pages, games, puzzles, and travel journals with personalized worksheets.

These are a great electronic-free way to keep the kids occupied while en-route this summer! Each book takes mere minutes to put together, and each only costs about $6 each to make.

We gathered all of the supplies for our busy books, along with car friendly snacks and drinks for our next trip, at Walmart. We were in need of an oil change before our next big road trip, and Walmart Auto Center was the perfect place to do that with 3 kids in tow! 
Walmart Auto Center Oil Change With Pennzoil High Milelage #FuelTheLove One Savvy Mom onesavvymom blog
I was able to easily keep the kids occupied, while also stocking up on items that we need. By the time I gathered everything on my list, they were finished with our car. It was beyond convenient!
How To Make A DIY Dry Erase Busy Book For Kids - Perfect For Summer #FuelTheLove One Savvy Mom onesavvymom blog

How To Make A DIY Dry Erase Busy Book For Kids - Perfect For Summer #FuelTheLove One Savvy Mom onesavvymom blog

What you'll need to create a DIY Dry-Erase Busy Book: 1. Dry-Erase markers or crayons 2. Dry eraser 3. 3 hole pencil / marker pouch for binder 4. Clear plastic sheet protectors 5. Lined paper (for travel journal) and ribbon or twine to tie your finished journal together at the end of the summer 6. Pen, pencil, or crayons (to write in travel journal). 7.Printables/coloring pages to slide into clear sheet protectors (to create your dry-erase pages) 8. 1" Binder with clear plastic insert slots on front and back (to slide your DIY printable games such as TIC-TAC-TOE or Picture Charades. Get creative and make something that the entire family can enjoy on a photo editing site such as Pic Monkey. 

When we got home, I put together the busy books for each of my children in mere minutes. My favorite part of the busy books are the travel journals. They're  always a fun activity to do with younger and older children. Ever since my older two kids were small, we've been asking them to draw a picture and write something special about the experiences that we have as a family. Whether it be an overnight trip, a day trip, or a simple outing to the zoo. It's a fun to keepsake to reference in years to come. It gives you a tiny glimpse into the perspective that they had of the experience when they were younger.

How To Make A DIY Dry-Erase Busy Book For Kids - Tic-Tac-Toe

How To Make A DIY Dry-Erase Busy Book For Kids - How To Make Dry Erase Coloring Pages One Savvy Mom onesavvymom
Mom TIP: Create reusable DIY Dry-Erase coloring pages by slipping them into clear plastic page protectors. Your kids can color using dry-erase markers or crayons while traveling without creating stacks of paper and clutter in your vehicle. When they're done, or you return home, erase and store them for your next trip.
How To Make A DIY Dry-Erase Busy Book For Kids - Dry Erase Picture Charades  One Savvy Mom onesavvymom blog

Summer 2015 Family Road Trip #FuelTheLove  One Savvy Mom onesavvymom blog

Walmart Automotive Center is the most convenient option for busy parents. We were able to select Pennzoil High Mileage to suit our vehicles' needs too. With over 75,000 miles on our family vehicle now, its important for us to make product choices that will keep the engine running clean, and going strong for a long time to come! We also love that Pennzoil stands by their products with an amazing warranty. Don't you just love it when a company stands behind their product like that? 

Walmart Automotive Care Center is making the choice simple this summer, with amazing Rollback deals on their Pennzoil oil changes! From June 10th - September 9th, a Pennzoil High Mileage oil change is just $35.88 [regularly $39.88 at Walmart ACC - industry standard price $46] and a Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic oil change is only $45.88  [ regularly $49.88 at Walmart ACC - industry standard price $66]. Pretty amazing deals, right? 

We're all geared up and ready for our first road-trip of the season. We're leaving today for a few days of R & R with the kids. We're all so excited to hit the road!

Head on over to to join the conversation and get some inspiration for your next family road trip! 

How do you keep your kids busy and entertained on long car trips? Please share in a comment below, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas!