One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: 10 Tips For A Successful Photo Shoot With Baby

10 Tips For A Successful Photo Shoot With Baby

If you're looking to capture amazing images of your little one, don't leave it all to chance. Check out these great tips for ensuring that when the big day comes, you'll have a successful photo shoot with baby.

10 Great Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot With Baby:
  • Time of Day—Choose a time of day that is most conducive to your baby’s natural wakefulness. Mornings or just after nap time is ideal for catching smiles and baby’s personality if they're is fully rested. If you’re hoping to catch a special pose, nap time may be the best time of day for newborns.
  • Clothing—Keep it simple and classic. Choose outfits that are easy to get in and out of if you’re planning for outfit changes. Plan for only one or two outfit changes. Avoid bold patterns and clothing with words on it. If you’re doing family photos in conjunction with the photo shoot, be sure everyone is dressed in similar tones. Outfits can be fun and many companies offer theme crocheted costumes like dinosaurs or mermaids. Baby can be posed in a basket filled with grass or on a blanket resembling water.
  • Props—Bring some of your child’s favorite toys to capture his attention.  He may also want to hold a toy or special blanket.  An instrument or song can help him get in a happy frame of mind.
  • Food/Snacks—Baby’s don’t always cooperate with your schedule; make sure they have a full belly so he will be at his best.  Also bring snacks along to keep them happy throughout the photo shoot.
  • Lighting—Natural daylight is best as it gives a soft look to baby’s skin. Use window lighting as it casts fewer shadows. A standard 50mm is ideal with the camera set to Aperture Priority Mode with a high ISO and wide aperture. Let the camera choose the shutter speed.  Use an external flash with a diffuser to fill in any dark spots.
  • Be Prepared to be “On”—Be prepared to play hide and seek, make funny faces or make goofy sounds to capture baby’s interest and attention.
  • Backgrounds—Keep it simple. A great photo with professional qualities can be captured with a white, beige or gray cloth or sheet draped behind the baby.
  • Set the Stage—Getting siblings to interact in a natural setting can be perfect for capturing special moments. Give them some books or toys to play with and give them some space, be ready to click the camera and catch the shot.
  • Black and White—Get some classic shots by using a black or white background.  Keep the camera on Aperture Priority Mode and select large aperture for a soft blurred background.  This is striking and dramatic for up close face shots.
  • Stabilizers—Use beanbags rather than a tri-pod to stabilize the camera. It’s easier to get down on the ground at baby’s level and maneuver to get different angles. If possible use a silver or white reflector to bounce light to create a soft flattering shot.
Thanks to our friends at Feltman Brothers for sharing these great tips for a successful photo shoot with baby.