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Mom's Back To School Checklist - 6 Things To Do Before Kids Head Back To Class

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It's about that time! As summer winds down, it's time to start updating the kids' wardrobes for fall and stock up on school supplies. With so much to do, it can be easy to forget and let some of those essential "must-do's" slip by. To help aid in a successful transition into the new school year we've compiled a checklist, so you can kick the school year off on the right foot!

6 things to do before the kids head back to class:

  • Make sure that all required medical forms are up-to-date. Most schools require a physical form to be signed/ completed by your physician each school year.
  • If your child is planning on participating in sports, they may require a separate form to be filled out by your physician, and on file prior to the start of the season. Make sure to check in with the coach/school before you head to the doctor; this way you'll eliminate the need for multiple trips/visits to the doctor during the {already hectic} school year.  
  • Make sure that required dental forms are up-to-date. Every state has different requirements for dental so make sure to check with your school. Our school requires a new dental exam form to be filled out by our dentist and on-file with the school at the beginning of every school year. 
  • Make sure to get your child's eyes checked prior to the start of the school year. This is an additional form that is required by our school however, it isn't required at many schools. Most schools simply perform in-school eye exams administered by the school nurse. We recommend taking your child to the optometrist anyway, as they are far more efficient.  Your child's eyesight plays such a huge part in their ability to learn and perform well in school so this is definitely a TOP priority. They usually have some pretty great deals on exams and eyeglass packages at the end of the summer / start of the school year too; seize the day! We've already seen deals this season for as low as $50 for an exam AND a complete pair of eyeglasses - AMAZING! 
  • Update wardrobes and stock up on essential school supplies. But take inventory first! Yesterday, I went through all of my kids' closets. It took me a bit of time, but I'm so glad that I checked first! So much of what I purchased at the end of last season fits them perfectly. Checking first can definitely add up to major savings for your wallet. I also recommend buying a few starter pieces for the first few weeks of school and waiting until after the back-to-school rush. Pricing and sales change significantly after the initial back-to-school / fall push - while you may think you're saving BIG shopping the back-to-school sales - the better deals/sales tend to pop-up early-mid October as stores are transitioning for Winter. We also already had a ton of school supplies already on-hand. If binders and notebooks are still in good condition from last year, let the kids give them some fun updates with patterned Ducktape / paint / stickers / embellishments. Rather than purchase a gaggle of new supplies; add new life to the stuff you already have on-hand. The kid's tend to have more fun personalizing their stuff anyway!
  • Service your vehicle! Yes, this one definitely deserves an exclamation point; it's a TOP priority! Think about all of the time that you spend in the car with the kids during the school year toting them to and from school or the bus stop, and to after school activities. I know the car becomes a bit of a mobile command center in our home during the school year. When I head out with all 3 of my children in tow, the stakes are high my friends; safety is my top priority - as I'm sure it is for you too! As such, the start of the new school year is the perfect time to make sure that the car is serviced and all of the tires are replaced. Especially after all of the miles that we logged traveling in the car this summer! We always head to Sam's Club for tires because they offer the best deals on great brands, guaranteed. So, go on and #DareToCompare!
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What are your money saving back-to-school tips? Share in the a comment below!
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