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Organization Hacks For Big Families Sharing A Small Bathroom

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scott Tube-Free. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have a small bathroom? Are you in need of some quick and simple organization hacks? I have a few for you today!

It's funny how I used to look at things when my two older children were younger. When we moved into our late 1800's colonial home, all I saw at the time was how charming everything was. It has a mahogany covered porch {perfect for rocking chairs}, original cabinetry and original wainscoting. The house has some really unique original trim and hardware,  and some really fantastic antique light fixtures. The bathroom has a huge claw foot tub that was original to the house, and a cute little porcelain pedestal sink {so charming - BUT, no storage/counter space!}

It's definitely NOT a cookie cutter "new build." It's house that's rich in history, and I kind of fell in love with it at first sight. Fast forward a few years,  and while it's still super charming - if only I knew then what I know now! We are now a family of five; soon to be a family of six. We have 1 and 1/2 baths in our charming house, and space is definitely at a premium these days. I'm making the most of the space that we have by organizing and de-cluttering, room by room. Recently, I began with a mini-makeover on our full bathroom.

Read on for my simple organization hacks for big families sharing a small bathroom.

Small Bathroom organizational hack #1: Choose a bright / light color palette.

Our full bath, needed a new coat of paint, so I took the opportunity to change the color scheme completely. The cream colored walls  and bright white wainscoting,  paired with the bright cheerful contrasting patterns / accessories, has really opened the tight space up. It definitely feels a bit bigger and it's much brighter during the day.

Small Bathroom Organizational Hack #2: Choose a bright / cheerful color scheme and assign a corresponding color to each family member.

When 5 people are sharing a tight space, it can be difficult to keep track of towels and personal care items. I chose a bright color scheme for our bathroom, then I assigned a corresponding color to each of our family members. We each have a few towels in our assigned color (my older son  chose blue and my older daughter chose bright pink etc.). To keep track of personal care items, I purchased a small rolling white metal tiered cart. Then, I added a small basket for each family member, also in their assigned color. Everyone can easily grab their personal care items, and place them back in their basket for storage once their done with them. This color coded system has worked well for our family. It has definitely helped to keep our bathroom more neat and orderly.

Small Bathroom Organizational Hack #3: Save your sanity and keep the peace by going Tube-Free!

It's like all of those dirty socks on the floor - it's inevitable that someone will leave the empty toilet paper tube behind. You can politely request that they change their behavior. You can rage against the machine. OR you can simply eliminate the tube / excess mess with Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue! Which is exactly what we've done.  It's just one less nuisance. In a large family, you must choose your battles wisely, folks!  Did you know this little fact? On average a family uses 150 TP tubes in a year. Just think of all of the good you're doing for the environment {and your sanity} by eliminating the tube! Same great product; minus the pesky tube.  It's a win-win, all around!

Small Bathroom Organizational Hack #4: "Think outside the box," when it comes to storage solutions.

Like I mentioned in Hack #2, I purchased a small white metal tiered cart to house our color coded personal care storage baskets. I also wanted to maximize the space on the cart, and  keep some essentials on-hand upstairs, rather than store them on the first floor in a closet as we've done in the past. I wanted to keep 4-6 rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, but a basket was too big. So, I chose a magazine holder instead. It has a much smaller footprint than a basket and easily holds 6 rolls of Scott Tube-Free toilet paper. Choosing a slim container, opened up space on the rest of the rack to store other essentials.

I'm so happy with how the space turned out! Clutter literally adds up to chaos, in our home. So, it definitely makes it easier when everything has it's own space.  These super simple updates make our household run so much smoother!

While the frequently left-behind {most always never replaced!} tube is a point of contention for me in my home, the impact that those pesky toilet paper tubes have on our world, is much father reaching than you might think. To give us all a better understanding, Scott Tube-Free teamed up with a YouTube prankster, to demonstrate the impact.

His toilet paper tube stunt gives us a clear visual.  The stunt uses 66,000 tubes, which is the amount of tubes Americans go through in just over two minutes! Check the video out below.

Ready to make the switch, NOW? You can find Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue at select retailers nationwide. Visit to find a retailer in your area. Find out how many tubes your household uses in a lifetime (you'll be shocked!) and grab your Scott Tube-Free coupon at

These are just a few of my simple solutions / hacks for organizing and sharing a small bathroom, with a large family. What are your tips & tricks for keeping the bathroom organized and tidy? I'd love it if you'd share in a comment below. I'm always on the hunt for tips, tricks, and sanity-saving ideas!

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