One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Simple DIY Tassel Necklaces Tutorial

Simple DIY Tassel Necklaces Tutorial


The tassel trend has really taken off over the last few months, and I have to say, I kind of love it! It seems as though everywhere we turn these days we're seeing tassels. From cute tassel key fobs, to all of the fun tassel jewelry, to the loads of other tassel accessories - we're obsessed with it all around here.

My tween daughter is totally on top of this trend too, and has been asking to make some fun DIY jewelry for the summer that incorporates tassels. So,  that's just what we did this past weekend. After looking for a material to make the tassels, we settled on embroidery floss. While we could have used leather cord or another material to construct our tassels - embroidery floss is available in so many fun colors! This makes it super simple to coordinate your DIY tassels with whatever glass bead selection you choose to assemble your necklaces.  It's also super simple to work with, so whether you're an adult looking to make some cute DIY Tassel necklaces, or you're looking to get your tween or teen in on the crafting fun - it's literally as easy as 1-2-3 to construct these tassel necklaces!

Grab the supply list and check out our simple step by step image tutorial on how to make these super cute {and simple} DIY Tassel Necklaces, below.

What you'll need:
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Beading wire (we used a flexible version)
  • Embroidery floss in your choice of color(s)  (note: make sure to leave the tape/bands around the floss on the floss until you've completed the first step to construct your DIY tassels)
  • Glass beads in your choice of color (s)
  • Optional: Jewelry clasps (we simple tied the beading wire tightly in a knot twice, and used needle nose pliers + a dab of glue to secure the knot)

How to:

1. Start by cutting the embroidery floss (while still bound / in the packaging) in half. Next, take a 6 inch piece of embroidery floss from the half that you cut. Lay the 6 inch piece on a flat surface and place your bound embroider floss on top.

2. Bring the two ends of the floss together in a knot (refer to image above).

3. Once the ends are joined in a knot securely, wrap the remaining portions of the floss around the center evenly (refer to image below). Repeat this step until you have a small portion left on either end to bring together in a finishing knot.

4. Tie a finishing knot on the backside of your tassel (refer to image above).

5. Trim any excess from the finishing knot.

6. Once complete, remove the binding from the embroidery floss and trim excess from the bottom portion of your tassel (below the knot that you created)  leaving 2"-3" of floss on the bottom portion of your tassel.

7.Set your completed tassel to the side. Cut a desired length of beading wire. String 1/2 of your necklace with glass beads.

8. Next carefully thread the beading wire through the top portion/center loop of your tassel (this should position your tassel in the center of your necklace).

9. Continue stringing the other 1/2 of your necklace with glass beads.

10. Finish your necklace off by knotting the two ends of excess beading wire together tightly (repeat/knot 2-3 times) and secure by pinching the knot tightly with needle nose pliers and a dab of glue (this is what we did to close/finish our pictured necklaces). Allow adequate time for the glue to dry before wearing.  OR finish your necklace with needle nose pliers and a jewelry clasp on either end (optional)

Happy crafting everyone!