One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: No-Sew DIY Baby Cupcake Costume Tutorial - Perfect For Baby's First Halloween

No-Sew DIY Baby Cupcake Costume Tutorial - Perfect For Baby's First Halloween

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Looking for an adorable DIY costume idea for baby's first Halloween? This super simple DIY Baby Cupcake costume is it!

I grabbed most of what I needed to make it,  on a recent essentials run to Babies "R" Us,. The best part about this DIY cupcake costume? Only the soft cotton from the long sleeve bodysuit used to make it, will touch baby's sensitive skin!

Halloween will be baby Charlotte's first big holiday, and the kids couldn't be any more excited. They've been brainstorming for weeks about their own costumes and costume ideas for the baby. Baby costumes (and costumes in general) are mostly comprised of synthetic fabrics and stuffing though, and that can be harsh on a newborns sensitive skin. Obviously, I wanted to avoid that! So after much discussion, we finally landed on this DIY cupcake costume idea. 

I love how it turned out! Isn't it cute? It was so simple to assemble too, and I love that it doesn't irritate her sensitive skin. Having been to this rodeo a few times now, trust me when I say this moms; a screaming crying, itchy baby - doesn't make for a fun holiday experience!  So definitely keep baby's sensitive skin in mind when brainstorming costume ideas.

Check out my super simple tutorial on how you can assemble your own No-Sew DIY Baby Cupcake Costume this Halloween, below. 

How to make a DIY Baby Cupcake Costume

What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • Low temp hot glue gun
  • 3-4 low temp hot glue sticks
  • 1 quilting needle
  • White thread (to tack the felt "cupcake wrapper" to the cotton body suit)
  • 1 long sleeve white cotton body suit (we found them in 3 packs at Babies "R" Us )
  • 4-5 8 x 10 pieces of felt in assorted colors
  • 2 8 x 10 pieces of glitter felt to create the "cupcake wrapper" (I used pink glitter felt for the pictured costume)
  • 1 foam clown nose to create the cherry (found at most costume retailers this time of year)
  • 1 8 x 10 sheet of green craft foam to create the cherry stem
  • 1 cotton baby headband to affix your completed cherry to (I found a 3 pack in assorted colors at Babies "R" Us with cotton flowers - pictured above and below)

How to:

Cut your felt (in assorted colors) into 2 1/2 " x 10" strips . You will need 4-5 strips in each color (20-25 strips total). To create the rainbow sprinkles for the costume, start with one of the pre-cut felt strips. Pinch felt tightly at one end and roll lengthwise (make sure to roll tightly). Secure with a few dots of hot glue at end (refer to images above and below). Repeat this step until you have completed 20-25 "rainbow sprinkles" for your cupcake costume.  Set your completed sprinkles to the side.

Next, grab the two pieces of glitter felt (in your choice of color - I used pink) and a needle and thread,  to create the "cupcake wrapper' for your cupcake costume.

Lay your glitter felt pieces side by side. Join them together in the center with a small amount of hot glue. Next "tack" the felt to the cotton body suit (at the seam on either side of the front)  using 4-5 quick stitches. Once your felt "wrapper" has been secured on either side to the front of the cotton body suit, now its time to create the cinching that will make it actually look like a cupcake wrapper. 

Starting at the left, pinch the felt together in 2"-3" sections. Now, add a few dots of hot glue in between the pinched sections. Hold sections tightly together for a minute or two until the hot glue has dried. Work your way from left to right until you have 5-6 "cinched" sections that complete your "cupcake wrapper" (refer to image above)

Once your cupcake "wrapper" is complete, now it's time to affix your completed rainbow felt "sprinkles" to the front of the cotton body suit. Start by adding 2-3 generously sized dots of hot glue to the back of  a felt "sprinkle" Press and hold the felt sprinkle to the front of the cotton body suit for a minute or two, until the glue has cooled. Repeat this step, adding your sprinkles in a random pattern above the "cupcake wrapper," until all of your sprinkles have been secured in place. NOTE: Work your hand under the areas where you are affixing each of the sprinkles as you go, OR slide a piece of scrap cardboard inside the cotton body suit (to keep the body suit from being glued together during this step).

The last step in creating this no-sew DIY Baby Cupcake Costume, is to create the "cherry" headband for the top of your "cupcake"!

Start by cutting a 4" L  x 1" W piece of green craft foam. Roll it tightly, and add a few dots of hot glue to secure it in place (in the shape of a straw). Now, squeeze a few dots of hot glue down into the hole of the foam clown nose. Then push your green foam "cherry stem" down inside the hole. Squeeze the foam clown nose lightly until the glue has cooled. Once the glue has dried, and your "cherry" is assembled, add a generous sized dot of hot glue to the top of the cotton baby headband. Press the underside of the cherry to the glue and hold it in place until the glue has cooled. Refer to image below to see how the assembled "cherry" topper headband should look, once complete.

Now, your no-sew baby cupcake costume is complete and trick-or-treat ready, for baby's first Halloween! This costume is so cute, and it's perfect for baby's sensitive skin.

Like most moms, I'm always concerned about keeping my baby's sensitive skin safe. One way that I'm able to do that everyday, is with Huggies Natural Care wipes. They are so thick and cottony soft, and they're specially formulated [hypoallergenic] for sensitive skin. They're the best!

Friends, being a "4th time mom" definitely has its perks.  This time around I know exactly what NOT to buy (like scratchy Halloween costumes) and just what my baby needs (like super soft homemade cotton costumes and Huggies Natural Care wipes). 

I grabbed most of what I needed for my DIY Baby Cupcake costume  (a 3 pack of white cotton body suits and a 3 pack of baby cotton headbands), while I was stocking up on Huggies Natural Care Wipes and Huggies Little Snugglers diapers, at Babies "R" Us. 

Do you have a little one that is also celebrating their first Halloween? Celebrate Baby's First Halloween at a fun in-store event at your local Babies "R" Us, on 10/15/16, from 11am-12pm!  The event will feature a fun keepsake craft and parade around the store. Experts will also be on-hand to help moms get ready for colder weather; highlighting helpful product solutions and tips. It's also a great way to meet and mingle with local moms. They'll even have fun giveaways and raffle prizes for attendees! Click HERE to find out more, and to see other upcoming  Babies "R" Us events.

Have you ever made a cute DIY Halloween costume for your little one? I'd love it if you'd share your ideas in a comment below! 

Motherhood definitely requires a little creativity sometimes! Grab MORE creative ideas and baby tips HERE . I hope you all have a memorable happy Halloween!