One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters - Fun Kids Craft Handmade Holiday Gift Idea

DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters - Fun Kids Craft Handmade Holiday Gift Idea

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of Kwik Stix / The Pencil Grip, Inc.™. All opinions are 100% mine.

These DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters are such a fun kids craft to do with the kids this holiday, and they make great homemade / handmade holiday gifts too!

My kids love to craft gifts during the holiday season; especially my 9 year old daughter. Over the Thanksgiving break, she made these adorable DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters for her teacher. She plans to gift them to her with a special mug and hot cocoa mix. Aren't they super cute?!  She used Kwik Stix solid Tempera Paint Sticks too, so it was a fairly mess-free craft project.

Have you heard of Kwik Stix solid Tempera Paint Sticks? These paints are incredibly easy for kids to handle, require no paint brushes, water cups, or clean up, AND they dry in just 90 seconds! Simply pop the tops off, get creative, then pop the caps back on and store them until you're ready to create again. The Kwik Stix set of 24 comes with every color you can imagine! The set also includes a variety of neon colors and pretty metallic colors too - perfect for crafting up crafts and homemade gifts this holiday!

Check out our simple tutorial on how to make these fun DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters, below. 

What you'll need:
  • Kwik Stix
  • Small 4" x 4" (roughly) wood slices. We found ours in a pack of 4 at the craft store (with a weekly 50% off 1 item coupon) for $2.50
  • Clear spray sealer (for adult use only) 

How to:
  1. Start by applying white paint to the top side of your wood slices (refer to image) Allow adequate time for drying - only 90 seconds when using Kwik Stix - in between coats.
  2. Next draw on a mouth and eyes for your snowman and a carrot nose, using Kwik Stix black and orange tempera paint sticks. Get as creative as you'd like. Draw on a scarf, eyelashes, rosy cheeks etc.!
  3. Allow the Kwik Stix tempera paint to dry for another 90 seconds, once you've finished personalizing your snowman coasters.
  4. Seal the surface of your snowman coasters by covering them with 2 light coats of clear / transparent spray paint/sealer. Allow sealer adequate time for drying. Gift your homemade DIY Wood Slice Snowman Coasters as is (by stacking them and adding a pretty ribbon) or gift them  with hot cocoa mix / a special new mug.

Kwik Stix are so much fun to create with! They work great on poster board, wood, canvas, and a variety of other surfaces.

They're great for incorporating into homemade gift projects and crafts for the kids this holiday season. Kwik Stix would also make a wonderful gift for kids, tweens, and teens this holiday season too! You can find Kwik Stix at select retailers nationwide and online at:

Happy Holidays & Happy Crafting!