One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog Teaches Early Math & Money Concepts Through Creative Play + SO MUCH MORE!

Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog Teaches Early Math & Money Concepts Through Creative Play + SO MUCH MORE!

Friends, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about all of the great new toys from LeapFrog; especially this Count Along Cash Register! But first, can I let you in on something? 

As a mother of two young children, and two older children, I've had a front row seat to the evolution of the toy industry over the past 13 years. Honestly? I started to feel a little jaded and saddened by it all. With kids becoming increasingly more interested in screens, I often found myself wondering what that would mean for the youngest generation. How would they develop the critical thinking skills, so desperately needed, yet not often taught these days? How would they develop crucial fine motor skills? How would they learn much of everything they need to know, if they were simply "swiping screens?" 

Now don't get me wrong, we love some of the learning tablets currently on the market. However, like everything else, they have their place. Children, especially very young children, require years of hands-on learning, through play. Tons and tons of it! It helps them to develop problem solving skills and good listening skills, which in-turn helps them to follow directions, which in-turn helps them to learn - and so on- and so-forth. Real life hands-on play is so incredibly necessary for children to develop normally; it's something that can't be achieved virtually. It just can't.

Read on for more on the Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog.

Now that I've given you my take on this topic, can I tell you about this great new toy from LeapFrog {perfect for holiday gifting}? The Count Along Cash Register offers up so much learning fun and potential for imaginative play - in a toy that has a  fairly compact footprint. 

We've been playing with the Count Along Cash Register for the past few weeks, and here's what we love about it:

  • Helps to develop fine motor skills: Preschoolers will love swiping  the included store card / credit card style card in the slot on the register. Every time they swipe, the register will respond with a kind greeting / saying. They'll also enjoying paying with the included coins. Both of these activities help to develop fine mother skills. 
  • Teaches healthy food options and eating habits: I love that LeapFrog has chosen to only include healthy food options on the "screen" of the Count Along Cash Register,and with the corresponding included play food. Grains, fruits, veggies, and dairy products - LOVE IT!
  • Teaches early math skills and early money concepts: the Count Along Cash Register enforces early math skills [ through quantity - including numbers 1-10 ] and teaches early money concepts [ 1 item costs 1 coin etc. ] 
  • Helps to develop good listening skills through simple direct prompts.
  • Creative play: The buttons on the cash register depict the corresponding food options that are also included in the form of play food, with the Count Along Cash Register. This offers up endless options for creative play and helps children correspond creative play concepts with real life concepts. Kiddos can "scan" the easy to handle play food on the side "scanner" and pay for their items with the included coins. As a mom, I have to add that I love that the play food is flat-bottomed, as it stays put and doesn't roll off the table.

As a mom, I absolutely love all of the potential for creative play and learning fun that LeapFrog has packed into the Count Along Cash Register. It makes the perfect present  for preschoolers this Holiday season!

Learn more about the new Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog at

Recommended for ages 2-4  (MSRP $19.99)

More about the Count Along Cash Register by LeapFrog

  • Open for business - Counting and imaginative role play combine with a register pal that comes to life with 50+ fun phrases and educational songs.
  • Play with a friend -Set up your store! Place food items on a table or shelves, give your customers their coins, and invite them on a shopping spree!
  • Ring up counting skills - Spunky, singing register has plenty of numbers, counting and role play skills in store.
  • 20 checkout items - Shop for milk and eggs. Scan the carrots. Insert the correct amount of coins or swipe a shopping card!

*Disclosure: Our thanks to the company for sending a unit for review/feature purposes. All opinions expressed are our own.