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The Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products For Families & Pet Owners

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Works. All opinions are 100% mine.

So many things changed when I became a mom. Some changes were small, and some were monumental. Among the whirlwind of changes that occurred when I had children, was the way that I view all of the products that we use in our home. While I'm pretty particular about all of the products that we use, I'm super particular about the cleaning products that we use on high-traffic surfaces. These are the surfaces that the kids and our small dog come into constant contact with every day, which is why I use Green Works.

As a mom, there's a piece of mind that comes from knowing that the table that my toddler may randomly lick {don't ask, toddlers are equal parts funny/weird sometimes!} isn't laden with chemical residue from cleaning products. It's equally just as satisfying knowing that in the busyness of my day, I can confidently set down a handful of cheese crackers for my toddler on the kitchen table, without being suspicious of what may have been left behind by my cleaning spray. It's a good feeling, to not have to constantly second guess the safety of the surfaces in my home. I find so much joy and peace in the little things these days, friends.

Some things are best learned from experience in motherhood, and others are just nice to know up front. Personally I'm all ears when it comes to tips from moms who have gone before me. Like, how do you effectively clean sippy cups {and all of those pesky hard to clean parts/valves} without leaving behind the fragrance of strong dish soap, or possibly even harmful soap residue? The porous plastic used to make sippy cups seems to pick up and hold everything - from scents to residue. It's was a daily battle for me - until I discovered a few simple tricks (and Eco Friendly cleaning products) along the way!

Check my simple tips for safely cleaning frequently used surfaces in your home, and other items that you use daily with your children - such as sippy cups and bottles - with the very best Eco Friendly cleaning products, below.

First let me start by telling you my #1 tip. Use the best Eco Friendly cleaning products, Clorox Green Works products, to help rid your most frequented surfaces of undesirable dirt and germs. They leave everything sparkling clean, without leaving behind a ton of unnecessary and possibly harmful, chemical residue.

For highchairs, booster seats, bouncer seats, walkers, toys, kitchen tables, and the coffee table, I wipe everything down with Green Works Multi-Surface Cleaner (it's easy to spray and comes in a bottle that ensures ZERO WASTE - which I LOVE!) and Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes (they are woven / super thick and up for even the toughest of cleaning jobs!)

For the sippy cups, bottle rings, and bottles, I fill a separate plastic basin in my sink with hot water, and add a few drops of Green Works Dish Liquid. After the water is sudsy, I load all of the sippy cups, lids, and valves/parts, along with my bottles and bottle rings, and I let everything soak until the water turns lukewarm. Next, I give everything a good scrub with a bottle brush, and rinse it all under warm water. I love that Green Works doesn't leave behind a residue, and that it doesn't leave behind fragrance like other soaps do on porous plastic surfaces - such as sippy cups, bottles, and plastic dishware.

TIP: the nipple brush from the bottle brush works wonders on the small parts of sippy cups too. If you don't have a bottle brush on hand, pipe cleaners work just as well)
We also use Green Works Dish Liquid to give our dog's water and food bowls a good soak/cleaning every day. I love knowing that the active ingredients are derived from natural sources, and that a thick film/residue won't be left behind.

Folks, toddlers explore things with their hands like nobody's business! They have a tendency to touch everything, and then without any reserve, deposit their tiny fingers in their mouths. So, I make sure to keep all of the areas in our bathrooms that little hands can reach sparkling clean (which is just about everything - let's be real). I deep clean everything with Green Works Multipurpose Spray and my steam cleaner a few times a week. For quick in-between daily touch-ups I keep a caddie stocked with Green Works Multipurpose Spray, a roll of paper towels and handy Green Works disposable cleaning wipes, under my bathroom sink.

I stock up on Green Works when I'm doing one of my many runs to Target during the week, and I save with Target by grabbing extra deals/discounts on my Cartwheel App.

As a busy mom of 4, I have to worry about so much. I love not having to worry about whether or not the cleaners that I use are safe for my family. Green Works has done that for me, by creating a consumer conscious Eco Friendly naturals line that families and pet owners can feel confident about using, each and every day.

All Green Works products are 95% to 99% naturally derived. That means that all of the active cleaning in the Green Works line are derived from mother nature, such as filtered water, plant-based cleaning agents, essential oils, corn based ethanol and wood-based fibers. You can find Green Works at retailers nationwide, including Target. Maker sure to save with Cartwheel when shopping at Target!

Have you tried Green Works cleaning products yet? I've been using them for years! Do you love Green Works as much as I do? I'd love it if you'd share in a comment below or tag me on Twitter @one_savvymom .

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