One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: DIY K Cup Christmas Trees - A Fun and Frugal Holiday Gift Tutorial!

DIY K Cup Christmas Trees - A Fun and Frugal Holiday Gift Tutorial!

Looking for the perfect DIY holiday gift idea for friends, neighbors, family, teachers, the mail carrier, etc.(the list goes on and on)? These DIY K Cup Christmas Trees are an adorable frugal way to spread some holiday cheer this season!

Hi friends, how have you been? Christmas is coming! I have a long list of people to gift to during the holiday season. Teachers, friends, family, the pediatrician, the mail carrier, my husbands co-workers etc., like I said, the list is LONG.  I don't have a ton of "free time" on my hands with 4 kids, so I've already started to assemble some of the gifts for all of the people on our list this year. 

Who doesn't love K Cups? Perfect gift, in my opinion! I decided to make these {super cute}super simple DIY K Cup Christmas Trees to house/present K Cups (along with coffee/tea mugs) to some of the people on our list this Christmas. You can grab a variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate K Cups and customize each DIY K Cup Christmas Tree according to each individuals preferences,, too. Each one of the pictured DIY K Cup Christmas Trees holds (6) K Cups, although you could easily make them a bit smaller, to accommodate (3) K Cups, if you prefer. One of my favorite frugal K Cup brands, is Market Pantry (Target's brand). You can pick up a box of 48 K Cups (medium roast coffee) for just $15.99! That's a steal in comparison to some of the other K Cup packs on the market. It also makes assembling several of these K Cup Trees, a super affordable gift option this holiday season.

Read on for a full supply list and for my tutorial on how to assemble your own DIY K Cup Christmas Tree gift arrangements, this holiday season!

DIY K Cup Christmas Trees How-To

What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • An X-Acto knife
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A cardboard paper towel tube (cut down to about 2")
  • Double sided tape
  • 18" x 24" Foam Board (I found them at Dollar Tree by the poster board for $1 each - craft stores tend to be pretty pricey with foam board - so head to Dollar Tree!). You'll get 6 K Cup Trees out of each foam board)
  • Scrap Book Paper ( I used 5 pieces of scrapbook paper for each board) in festive prints or green prints and 1 piece of yellow/gold scrap book paper to make the stars for the tops of your K Cup Trees.)
  • A mug / coffee cup of your choosing for each of your DIY K Cup Christmas Tree Arrangements (holiday themed, plain, or with cute sayings on them)
  • 6 K Cups for each of your DIY K Cup Christmas Trees.
  • Ribbon 
  • Cellophane Wrap

How to:
  1. Using your double sided table, run a line of tape down the underside of each piece of your scrapbook paper. I used 4 long pieces of double sided tape ( ran lengthwise about 2 inches apart).
  2. Stick your scrapbook paper to your foam board (making sure that the foam board is covered completely with scrapbook paper.)
  3. Use your ruler and a pencil to lightly trace out the cut lines for your Christmas Trees. The pictured trees are 7"x 7"x7" with a 2 1/2 inch "tree trunk" (which is what will sit inside of the coffee / tea mugs when you're assembling your arrangements)
  4. Use your X-Acto knife to cut out all of your K Cup Christmas Tree forms
  5. Now, starting at the bottom of your K Cup Christmas Trees, lightly trace the inside of your cut cardboard paper towel roll 3 times (about a half an inch apart), 2 on the second row, and one close to the top. 
  6. Use your X-Acto knife to cup out each of the pre-traced circles
  7. Using yellow/gold scrapbook paper, cut out a small star for the top of each of your K Cup Christmas Trees. Use a small piece of double-sided tape to affix each of the stars to the tops of your K Cup Christmas Trees.
  8. Now that your K Cup Christmas Tree forms are complete, slide a K Cup into each of the holes/holders. They will fit snugly when pushed about mid-way through. No need for tape!
  9. Use a small about of cellophane wrap to fill each of the mugs / cups (to help secure the base of each tree in the cup. Place a DIY K Cup Christmas Tree in each mug/cup. Wrap each arrangement with clear cellophane wrap. Tie the gathered wrap at the top of each DIY K Cup Arrangement at the top with a ribbon or two.
Gift your completed DIY K Cup Christmas Trees to someone special, and enjoy!

Wishing everyone a magical holiday season! 


  1. This is a really cute idea for the Holidays. So many of my friends love coffee and to give coffee with a mug is amazing. I want to do this idea!

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  3. I like doing home made gifts. This would be great for many of my family and friends.

  4. Cute idea for the coffee lover. Would make a great gift for co-workers at the office!

  5. This is an extremely cute christmas gift for the coffee lover.

  6. Love this!! Great idea using k-cups!
    Also what font did you use to type out christmas trees on the collage photo?