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4 Calling Birds Yarn Craft For Kids

This post is sponsored by PNC. All opinions expressed are my own.

"On the 4th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 4 calling birds....It's officially Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Song, friends! Celebrate by making this super easy (super cute!) 4 calling birds yarn craft with the kids this season!

If you really want to raise the roof with holiday cheer, add the 12 Days of Christmas song to your holiday playlist, sing it with your kids (unabashedly, like no one's listening!) while making this adorable calling birds yarn craft! My younger kids are currently exploring textures, and this craft was a total win! It was easy enough for my 2.5 year old to do, yet still fun enough to hold the attention of my 4.5 year old. It requires the simplest of supplies and the total cost rings in at just under $5.

Have you ever stopped to imagine / guesstimate how much all of the gifts presented in the 12 Days of Christmas Song, would actually cost? Did you know that PNC has been calculating the price tag on the gifts presented in the 12 Days of Christmas Song, for 35 years? They do! It’s called the The PNC Christmas Price Index ®. 

Such a fun tradition, and a great way to help kids (and adults alike) grasp where the economy stands. So many great lessons for young kids, can be derived from the Christmas Price Index ®. You can start by doing this “4 Calling Birds” yarn craft with the kids.

Read on for the full supply list and our easy tutorial, to make this 4 Calling Birds yarn craft with your kids this Holiday season!

 4 Calling Birds Yarn Craft How-To:

What you’ll need:

  • Safety scissors
  • Paper plates (small dessert sized works) or upcycled cardboard
  • Yarn in your choice of color (s)
  • Black felt for eyes
  • Yellow felt for feet and beak
  • Felt for wings to make your choice of yarn color(s)
  • Craft glue
How to:
  1. Start by cutting out felt pieces for feet, beak, wings, and eyes (refer to imagery) If making all 4 calling birds, make sure to duplicate pieces / cut enough felt components for all 4 calling birds. Set all felt pieces/ components to the side.
  2. Prep a bundle of yarn for each calling bird. Create a knot at the starting end of the yarn bundle (refer to imagery.) Set to the side.
  3. Cut (4) 4” circular discs from paper plates or upcycled cardboard. Cut a singular slit (from the perimeter to the center of each of the circular discs (refer to imagery below.)
  4. Slide the knotted end of the yarn into the slit on the cardboard disc.
  5. Randomly wrap the yarn around the cardboard disc, eventually covering the cardboard circle completely, with yarn.
  6. Tie the yarn off in the back of the circular disc, using a simple knot.
  7. Using craft glue, glue pre-cut felt eyes, beak, wings, and feet to your “calling bird.” Repeat steps 4-7 to complete each of your “calling birds”
  8. Optional steps:
  • Add a small knotted bundle of yarn to the front top center of each of your “calling birds” to create a small tuft of hair.
  • Add a piece of string hanger to each of your “calling birds” (looped and tied in a knot at the back of each “calling bird”) to make use your completed 4 Calling Birds, as Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Display your completed 4 Calling Birds Yarn craft and enjoy, or gift them to someone special this holiday season!

The holiday creative fun doesn’t stop at this 4 Calling Birds craft! This year PNC has partnered with makers and DIY’ers all over the country, to DIY the 12 Days of Christmas. How fun is that?! Each maker will be showing you how to DIY each of the 12 gifts presented in the 12 Days of Christmas Song, for a fraction of their otherwise steep price tags. Visit the official The PNC Christmas Price Index ® website  to check them all out:

Happy crafting {happy savings!} and Happy Holidays Friends!

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