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No-Waste DIY Baby Shower Decor

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As a mom of 4, waste simply isn't apart of my vocabulary. Over the past 13 years, I've definitely honed the fine art of no-waste frugality, friends! My brother and sister in-law are currently expecting their first baby (a girl!) in early 2018, and I have a few friends that are currently expecting as well. When I was pondering baby shower decor ideas, I decided to put my crafty frugality to work to come up with some cute no-waste baby shower decor, that I can contribute to the many upcoming celebrations. What's no-waste baby shower decor? Basically, everything that's used to decorate for the shower, can be used after the fact, for baby. 

Read on for my simple no-waste baby shower decor ideas, simple supply lists, and tutorials. Make every penny count, for the mom-to-be and the new baby!

Where to start when planning a shower? A registry, of course! Registering with Target is so incredibly simple. There's even a registry app that you can download right into your phone (compatible with iPhone and Android.) There are so many benefits to registering with Target too! They offer parents-to-be a registry welcome kit that includes $50 in coupons and hand-picked samples (if you register online, simply pick up your gift at guest services the next time you're in-store.) They also offer some pretty great features / perks for their registrants, such as:
  • A 15% off discount that is mailed 8 weeks before your due date, to provide savings on anything that may be left on your registry.
  • Easy returns and exchanges (for up to a full year after your due date!). 
  • Group gifting option - making it super simple for family/friends to contribute to larger items
  • Simple gift tracking; making it easy to match gifts to the gift giver, for easy-to-manage thank you lists, so that you can send out your thank you cards in a cinch. 

Target has made the registry process so simple, and they have so many useful features to help new parents easily navigate the swath of baby gear that they'll need. My favorite feature of Target's baby registry, hands-down, is their simple checklist. By simply selecting the checklist feature, you can easily navigate through each section (such as strollers and car seats, gear and activity, nursery furniture, nursery bedding, and essentials, feeding, nursing, bath, diapering, health and safety, clothing, toys and books, and parenting) and select the items you need for baby. This feature really takes the guess-work out of registering!

Next, I was on to assembling my no-waste baby shower decor, I started by grabbing some new baby essentials online at  The Johnson’s® Bath Discovery Set and Infants' TYLENOL®, make perfect new baby gifts! I frequently shop online at using their free pick-up option, and simply swing by guest services to pick up my purchases. With 4 kids in tow, it's just easier, friends! You can easily shop the items that I used to create my "Floating" Diaper Rose Baby Shower Centerpieces, by hovering over the items in the image below! 

Once I had all of my supplies gathered, I got down to work! Of all of the no-waste baby shower ideas that I've come up with, this is by far my absolute favorite {super useful} baby no-waste baby shower decor idea! These "floating" diaper rose baby shower centerpieces, are built right on top of a caddy of baby care items. Instead of buying flowers, vases, vase-fillers, and balloons, I decided to make these adorable {useful} baby shower centerpieces. Aren't they just the cutest?! Let me show you how to make them.

"Floating" Diaper Rose Baby Shower Centerpieces How-To

What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Ribbon / burlap ribbon
  • Double-sided tape
  • Packing tape
  •  (2) 4"x4" floral foam blocks
  • A small rectangular shipping box
  • 36 Newborn diapers
  • 36 small clear rubber bands
  • 36 lollipop sticks (found at most craft stores in the candy making section)
  • 1 roll (9 yards) of Tulle (in your choice of color) 
  • Baby socks
  • Baby washcloths 
  • Johnson’s® Bath Discovery Set
  • Infants' TYLENOL® (2oz. Cherry)

How to:
  1. Build your box, tape it closed well, using packing tape.
  2. Using your box cutter cut the top off, leaving a 1" lip. Next, cut the bottom of your box down, also leaving a 1 inch lip. 
  3. Use 4-6 long strips of double-sided tape to secure the top half of your box to the bottom side of your box (secure so that the undersides of the boxes are meeting - leaving the 1" lips  facing upwards and downwards - refer to imagery below).
  4. Wrap 2"-3" ribbon / burlap ribbon around the outer edges of the secured box top/bottom (secure/affix ribbon to the box  with double sided tape). Tie ribbon off in a large bow at the front (refer to imagery, below.)
  5. Using a utility knife/box cutter, cut your two foam blocks in half.
  6. Secure to the top inside of the box, forming a square, using double-sided tape.
  7. Roll 36 diapers (from the outside in, towards the fold). Roll some of the diapers with baby socks/baby washcloths to create a colorful center to some of your diaper roses. Secure each rolled diaper with a small clear rubber band.
  8. Slide lollipop sticks into center of each of your pre-rolled diapers.
  9. Now, its time to start building your diaper rose arrangement. Slide lollipop stick ends of your diaper roses into the foam blocks (gently pushing/securing sticks in foam blocks about 1/2").Continue to repeat this step, until your diaper arrangement is full/even. 
  10. Next, using scissors, cut your entire roll of tulle into 6" strips. Fold strips in half, and secure sporadically into the rubber bands that are securing your diaper roses. Repeat this step until tulle has filled in the gaps/evened out the arrangement.
  11. To complete your "floating" diaper rose baby shower centerpieces, add 5-6 long strips of double-sided tape to the top of your Johnson’s® Bath Discovery Set. Press the underside of your diaper arrangement to the top, to affix your diaper rose arrangement. 
  12. Add fun and useful items to the top of your completed floating diaper rose centerpieces, such as Infants' TYLENOL®, pacifiers, and pacifier clips.
Display at the shower, and enjoy! When the shower is over, gift the centerpieces to the mom-to-be, for use with the baby.

After the centerpieces were completed, I decided to get creative with some gift wrap. Using larger items like square cases of diapers, and several gifts packed into larger square boxes, I decided to make some giant baby blocks. This no-waste baby shower decor in this case, is simply the gift(s) wrapped in {super cute!} disguise!

Giant Baby Blocks Gift Wrap How-To

What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • A Pencil
  • Double sided tape
  • Clear gift wrapping tape.
  • Wrapping paper in two contrasting colors
  • 3 square cases of diapers or several gifts/ packs of diapers  packed into 3 large square shipping boxes 
How to:
  1. Wrap your boxes / cases of diapers, using one one coordinating color.
  2. Using a pencil, free-hand (or use a template / stencil) to draw large block letters (A, B, and C) on your contrasting color wrapping paper. Use scissors to cut out large block letters. Now, cut out 12 12"L x 2" W strips using the same wrapping paper.
  3. For each "block," use 4 of your pre-cut strips of contrasting wrapping paper to "frame" out each block on the front side of each box, affix with double-sided tape (refer to imagery above). 
  4. Affix 1 block letter to the front side  of each of your pre-framed "blocks," using double-sided tape.
Display / gift at your shower. These look super cute stacked on top of each other, placed on a gift table!

Last, but not least, I decided to use a 3 pack of onesies and a 6 pack of hair bows, on an simple and sweet clothesline garland (perfect for displaying over a gift table). These garlands are so easy to put together, and I love that they are made up of useful items for baby.

Clothesline Garland Easy No-Waste Baby Shower Decor How-To

What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • 6' - 8' of twine / rope
  • 6-12 Clothespins (depending on how many onesies you choose to use)
  • 3-6 baby onesies on your choice
  • 6-8 Hair clips/ bows or 3-6 pairs of  baby socks (depending on whether you are celebrating a boy or a girl)
  • Washi tape/thumb tacks for hanging / displaying your garland.
How to:
  1. Cut your twine/rope to length. Tie off on either end in a loop for easy hanging.
  2. Use your clothespins to hang/display onesies / socks evenly.
  3. Add hair bows / clips (if celebrating a girl).
Display your completed clothesline garland above the gift table using washi tape or thumb tacks. When the shower is over, gift all of the items to the mom-to-be for use with the baby. This is such a simple and sweet no-waste baby shower decor idea!

I love how all of this easy no-waste {super useful}baby shower decor turned out! Have some more no-waste baby shower decor ideas?  I'd love it if you'd share in a comment below or tag me on Twitter @one_savvymom!

Expecting or know someone who is expecting? Target is definitely the place to register, friends! Create your baby registry online or in-store, today!