One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: DIY No-Sew Watermelon Flip Flops

DIY No-Sew Watermelon Flip Flops

These DIY No-Sew Watermelon Flip Flops are so stinking cute, and they're incredibly easy to make. My tween assembled her DIY Watermelon Flip Flops in just 10 minutes! These no-sew Watermelon Flip Flops make a great summer craft for kids, tweens, and teens (and even adults!)

If you're ready for all things Summer like us, read on for the simple supply list and tutorial  (with step-by-step imagery) to make your own DIY No Sew Watermelon Flip Flops. This is such a fun way to jazz up inexpensive flip flops this summer!

DIY Watermelon Flip Flops How-To

What you'll need:

  • Pink flip flops (we found the flip flops pictured at Walmart for just .98 cents each)
  • 1 green "fat quarter" of green fabric and 1 pink "fat quarter" of fabric (we found the fat quarters of fabric for this project at Walmart in the craft section for $1 each)
  • Scissors
  • Black dimensional fabric paint ("puffy paint") 
If you grab all of the supplies for this craft at Walmart, the entire craft should only cost about $3.50 to make each pair of DIY No-Sew Watermelon Flip Flops. This would make an excellent - super frugal - party craft for kids this summer!

How to: 
  1. Using scissors, start by cutting your green and pink fabric into 1 1/2" W x  8"L strips. You'll need 18-20 strips of pink and 8 strips of green for each flip flop ( 36-40 strips of pink and 16 strips of green total)
  2. Starting at the point on one of your flip flops, use a slip knot (refer to imagery above) to attach each strip of pink fabric. Work your way up each side of the flip flop so that the pink fabric is placed evenly( about 9-10 strips on each side.) Repeat this step with green fabric ( about 4 strips on each side). Once complete set to the side and repeat these steps on the second flip flop. 
  3. Now, using scissors trim the excess down  - leaving about 2" in fringe / excess (refer to imagery below) on each flip flop.
  4. To complete your flip flops, use black dimensional fabric paint ("puffy paint") to dot the pink fabric to create black watermelon seeds. Allow adequate time for drying before wearing.
  5. Wear your completed No-Sew Watermelon Flip Flops and ENJOY!
My daughter loves adding fabric ruffles to her flip flops in the summer like this, it makes the plastic band on the flip flops far more comfortable - especially in the super hot temps. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how these DIY New-Sew Watermelon Flip Flops turned out! Now, bring on SUMMER! We're totally ready!

 Happy crafting & happy summer, friends!