One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch - Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #2

"Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch - Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #2

This "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch is so adorable! It's the perfect cheery DIY accessory for tweens and teens - so fun for both spring and summer! This is project #2 in our Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™

Hi there, friends! The sun is shining here today! If you live in the northeast part of the country, you know how crazy the weather has been these past few months. Sunshine and blue skies feel like an absolute gift right about now! We are more than ready to welcome the warmer temps, the blooming flowers, and the buzzing bees around here. This little DIY accessory sewing project is fun for both kids and tweens/teens; such a fun and happy way to welcome a new season! 

Grab the simple supply list and our full tutorial to make your own "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch, below.

"Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch How-To:

What you'll need: 
  • A pencil (for lightly drawing out your wording and a leaf for your flower, as a guideline)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • A needle
  • Yellow, black, pink and green embroidery floss.
  • White, pink, yellow, and black felt (we used scraps from another project - make sure to keep your felt scraps - as you'll be able to use them for future projects in our kids sewing series!)
  • A canvas clutch purse (we found the plain canvas clutch purse pictured at A.C. Moore. We used a high value weekly coupon from their website so it rang in at about $2)
  • Black fabric paint and a fine paint brush or a black fabric marker.
  • Optional: A stencil, fabric paint and a stencil brush.
How to: 
  1. Optional: If using a stencil and fabric paint to paint your canvas clutch, start by inserting a large piece of cardboard or several pieces of paper flat inside of the clutch to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side. Paint / stencil as desired, and set to the side. Allow adequate time for drying.
  2. Using a fine fabric paint marker OR a brush and black fabric paint, paint out the word "happy" on the bottom corner (or another preferred spot on the front of your canvas clutch. Set to the side and allow adequate time for drying. 
  3. Using scissors, cut out the required shapes for your bee using your colored felt.  Two circles (one larger than the other) for a bee body and head. White connected wings (refer to images below) two small half circle pink cheeks, and two black strips and a stinger for your bee. 
  4. Lay all of the felt pieces as they should go (layered on top of each other) on the front of your canvas clutch. Using a simple back stitch (SEE THIS POST for step-by-step imagery on how to do a back stitch  if this is your first time sewing - image tutorial is located at the bottom of the post ), stitch around the perimeter of the head and body of your bee using yellow embroidery floss (again, make sure that the yellow bee body and head are layered on top of the white wings)Finish, by tying off / tying off the last stitch on the inside of the canvas clutch. 
  5. Use a small dot of fabric glue to affix the small pink felt half circle "cheeks" to your bee face
  6. Using black embroidery floss, stitch two antenna for your bee, and eyes. Once complete stitch on your black stripes and black stinger, also using black embroidery floss. 
  7. Create a felt flower using your pink felt  (see HERE for a simple tutorial on how to make felt flowers ).
  8. Affix your felt flower to the front of your canvas clutch (just below your bee / next to the word "happy"with embroidery floss and a needle. Start by bringing your needle and embroidery floss up from the inside of your bag, and through the center of your felt flower. Stitch down through the center of the felt flower back to the inside of the bag. Repeat with a few stitches until the flower is secure. Finish / tie off on the inside of the canvas clutch. 
  9. Using your green embroidery floss, make a leaf (or two) for your felt flower (see below for a simple how-to / imagery to make an embroidered leaf - note we used gradient green thread to create an ombre look to pictured leaf)
  10. Finish your "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch by outlining the word happy, using a simple back stitch and yellow embroidery floss. 
Pack your completed "Bee" Happy Canvas Clutch purse with your essentials, head out and about! ENJOY!

How to embroider a simple leaf - with step-by-step imagery:

I hope that you are enjoying sunshine and warmer temps wherever you are! :) Happy sewing, friends!

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