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Owl Embroidery Hoops - Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #3

These Owl Embroidery Hoops turned out SO CUTE! My favorite part? The large Owl Embroidery Hoop (made on a 10" embroidery hoop) and the small Owl Embroidery Hoop come together fairly quickly, and only require very simple supplies and simple stitching. If you're looking for an easy sewing project / craft for the kids, this is it! Each Owl Embroidery hoop took under an hour to complete, and when they're finished your child will have some adorable DIY wall art for their room (or a great handmade gift for someone special!) This is project #3 in our Kids Sewing Series, here at One Savvy Mom™. My reasoning behind this series, is simple. In short, sewing is a constructive activity that helps occupy idle minds and hands; it's an activity that requires mindfulness / presence in the moment. This is something that I believe many children are missing these days with all of the connectivity, media, and screens. We have largely disconnected our children by choice from a lot of that in our home, and we're now getting "back-to-basics" so to speak, with fun activities and crafting. You can read more on why I started this kids sewing series in my first post of the series, HERE.

Read on for our simple supply list and tutorial (along with step-by step imagery) on how to make your own Owl Embroidery Hoops, with the kids!

Owl Embroidery Hoops How-To -Kids Sewing Series at One Savvy Mom™ Project #3

What you'll need:
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • A needle
  • Embroidery floss in various colors of your choices and black (for eyes.)
  • White fabric to use as a base for your embroidery hoops (we used a white tea towel cut into pieces that we already had on-hand for the pictured projects.)
  • Felt in a variety of colors of your choice, and white and black (for the eyes.)
  • An 8" embroidery hoop (for the small Owl Embroidery Hoop) and a 10" embroidery hoop (for the large Owl Embroidery Hoop.) 
We found all of our supplies at A.C. Moore, and we used a weekly high value coupon from their website so this project (which includes BOTH Owl Embroidery Hoops) rung in under $10.
How to:
  1. Using a pencil, start by tracing the inner rings of your embroidery hoops onto the felt colors that you intend to use for your owl wings for each of your embroidery hoops. Cut the circular shapes out using your scissors. Cut the center portion out of the circular shapes, leaving two "leaf shaped" wings  for each of your owl embroidery hoops. Set to the side. 
  2. Using contrasting colors in felt, cut out a "mask" / face for each of your owl embroidery hoops (we cut a soft heart shape for the pictured owl embroidery hoops - refer to imagery above and below.)
  3. Using your white felt cut out two circles to use as eyes for each of your owl embroidery hoops. You can decide on the size based on your own preferences (refer to imagery above and below.)
  4. Using black felt cut out two black circles to use as  the center of your eyes for each of your owl embroidery hoops.
  5. Using yellow, brown, or black felt (or another color of your choice) cut out a triangle beak and feet for each of your owl embroidery hoops.
  6. Next, place. cut, and secure your white base fabric in your embroidery hoops.
  7. Now, lay the pre-cut felt pieces for each of your owl embroidery hoops out on the fabric front of each of your embroidery hoops (refer to imagery below.) Layer all of the pieces exactly how you want them to appear on the hoops. No need to pin the felt in place - felt is a fairly "grabby" material. It tends to stick/stay in place fairly well without the need to pin. 
  8. Using your black embroidery floss, start by stitching down the center of your owl's eyes (using a simple back stitch.)
  9. Next,  stitch (using a simple back stitch) around the edge of the white circular portions of your owl's eyes (using white or black - your choice.)
  10. Now, stitch around the top and bottom edge of your owl's "mask" / face.
  11. Using a corresponding color embroidery floss, stitch down your owl's beak and feet. 
  12. Once complete, move on to your owl's wings. Using a simple back stitch around the entire perimeter of each of your owl's wings. 
  13. Last, use some creative stitching to add some fun features to your owl embroidery hoops. Use some funky cross stitching on the wings to add texture. Zig-zag straight stitching across the white "belly" of your owl to create a textured / feathered look.
Once you're pleased with the details of your owl embroidery hoops, hang and enjoy! OR gift your completed Owl Embroidery Hoops to someone special! These make super cute handmade gifts; gift a pair to mom / grand mom for the upcoming mother's day holiday!

First time sewing? Here's a simple back stitch how-to with step by step imagery:

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