One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: K Cup Snowman $2 Holiday Gift Idea - K Cups + Gloves + Mug!

K Cup Snowman $2 Holiday Gift Idea - K Cups + Gloves + Mug!

This K Cup Snowman is the perfect holiday gift idea! My favorite part, aside from the fact they are adorable? These K Cup Snowman holiday gifts come together for just $2 each! We have a long list of people on our list this year ranging from teachers to crossing guards, to co-workers, to neighbors and MORE! While I want to show our appreciation and spread some holiday cheer to each and everyone on our list, I also want to make sure to stay on-budget this holiday season!

Hi friends, how have you been? We are all busy gearing up for the holiday season around here! This year, I made a goal to complete our holiday gift purchases and complete our holiday gift DIY's/homemade gifts, in large part, prior to the holiday season. Why? So I can spend as much uninterrupted time with my kids as possible. They are all growing so quickly!  If you're looking to spread some holiday cheer this season too, without breaking the bank, this K Cup Snowman $2 Gift idea is PERFECT! All you need is hot chocolate K Cups (or coffee K Cups if you prefer,) gloves, a mug and  a short list of additional simple supplies. 

Ready to make your own K-Cup Snowman holiday gifts? Read on for the full supply list and our full (easy) tutorial!

K Cup Snowman $2 Holiday Gift Idea How-To

What you'll need:
  • Pen knife /craft knife
  • A pencil
  • Construction paper in pink, orange and black.
  • A hole puncher
  • clear cellophane wrap (we found a large roll at the dollar store for $1 - we only needed 1 roll to wrap 18 of these K-Cup Snowman holiday gifts.)
  • clear gift tape
  • K-Cups (we found Hot Chocolate K-Cups at Walmart - Great Value Brand for a little over $5 a box - each box contains 18 K-Cups - you'll need 2 K-Cups for each of your K-Cup Snowman gifts.)
  • A mug (1 mug to use as the base for each K-Cup Snowman gift - we found these mugs on sale for $1 each at the craft store - you can also find holiday themed mugs at the dollar store.)
  • Mittens (1 pair for each K Cup Snowman Gift - we found tech touch gloves at the dollar store in 3 pair packs for $1)
  • White foam board (we were able to cut 8 snowman forms out of each foam board - each foam board was $1 at the dollar store .)
  • 6" wooden craft sticks
  • Glue stick (that dries clear.)
  • Ribbon (to tie off the top - refer to imagery above and below.
  • Optional: gift tags - we found the pictured gift tags that say "let it snow" at Walmart for .97 for a pack of 24.
How to:
  1. Trace out your snowman form on the white foam board (work from the corner to maximize the use of your white foam board if making multiples of this holiday gift idea.) Tip: I used a glass for the top two circles and a larger mug for the bottom circle. Once the one form was traced out, I used a craft knife to cut it. Then, I used that as a template to trace/cut all of the additional snowman forms. 
  2. Next, trace the bottom of a K-Cup on the bottom and center circle of each of your snowman forms. Use a craft knife to cut out each of those circles, to create a holder for each of your K-Cups. When complete, set all of your snowman forms to the side.
  3.  Use a hole punch and black construction paper or scrap book paper to cut out 6 black circles for each snowman form. Use scissors and pink construction paper or scrapbook paper to cut out 2 (nickel size) circles for cheeks for each snowman form. Use orange construction paper and scissors to cut out a triangle nose for each snowman form.
  4.  Use a glue stick (that dries clear) to affix the pre-cut pieces for each of the faces for each snowman form (refer to imagery above and below.) Once complete, allow adequate time for drying. 
  5. Push a K-Cup into each of the two pre-cut holes in each snowman form, to create the look of "buttons" for your snowman.
  6. Use clear tape to affix a 6" wooden craft stick/Popsicle stick to the back bottom of each snowman form (this will help to hold it in place, when assembled in the mug base.)
  7. Stuff one mitten from each pair inside the other. Tie a ribbon in a bow around the top / bunched fingers of the mittens to create the look of a pom-pom snow hat. Slip the mitten over the edge of the top of the snowman form to create the look of a snow hat.
  8. Place the snowman form (with the 6" Popsicle stick inside of the mug) in the mug base. Fill the space in the front of the mug with balled up clear cellophane to hold the snowman form in place (refer to imagery below.)
  9. Wrap the K Cup snowman gift in clear cellophane. Secure with clear tape/ribbon. Add a gift tag (optional) and gift to someone special this holiday season!

Happy Crafting & Happy Holidays, friends!

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