One Savvy Mom ™ | NYC Area Mom Blog: What Machine Embroidery Designs Do You Need First?

What Machine Embroidery Designs Do You Need First?

If you are a beginner to machine embroidery, you would be probably thinking about designs you should try out initially. There are a variety of easy embroidery designs for machines you can start with. Moreover, some embroidery machines also come with built-in designs that act as a great help in making designs at first. 
Here are some of the machine embroidery designs you should first try your hands on.

Alphabets and Font

Most of the expensive embroidery machines include built-in alphabets and font designs. Various pieces of embroidery software can help you in designing proper alphabets and fonts over your embroidering fabric. 
Alphabets and fonts designs are used for embroidering over personalized products like towels, handkerchiefs, and T-shirts. 

Abstract Designs

Embroidery designs that can be used on pillow covers, cushions, handkerchiefs, and stuff are the abstract designs. Abstract designs are about embroidering freely with different shapes of sizes and colors. 


Animal designs are another machine embroidery design you can put your hands on. There are a variety of options to choose from like aquatic, butterflies and birds, cats, dinosaurs, Farm animals, reptiles, insects, and much more. You can experiment a lot by making them funky, and colorful. 


Appliques can be your personal favorite once you get your hands on them. Applique embroidery designs are made by putting one piece of fabric over another. This enhances the depth of the fabric as well as the design. Machine appliques are more prominent and easy to design with the help of different built-in stitches they have.


Are you designing a pillow cover, cushion, or trying to keep your embroidery design minimalistic? Border embroidery designs are best to go with when you are not particular about any design. Provide them with a lacy feel, or as an heirloom, there is no much with borders that can be done. 


Cutwork is another impressive embroidery design to start from. Cutwork embroidery is usually done on linen or cotton fabric whereby a part of the fabric in a form of small holes is cut away to form an intricated design pattern. Cutwork embroidery can be coupled with other embroidery designs to get an exclusive look.

Embellished Embroidery

Embellished embroidery is three dimensional that accentuates the fabric to the next level. You can further choose to add sparkles, patches, textures to your design to make it look more attractive. 

Freestanding Lace

Freestanding lace is embroidered with the help of stabilizers. Freestanding lace embroidery designs do not use fabric as a base. These are digitized designs that are made with sharp sewing needle over water-soluble stabilizers that are removed after the embroidery is done. The resulting product comes out as a freestanding lace embroidery.


Fringe embroidery is done with the help of cutaway stabilizers. Fringe designs are made with stain fabric which can either be loopy or cut and fuzzy. Both of the fringe designs need a stabilizer to digitize such designs. 


Heirloom embroidery designs look a lot like hand sewing. This type of embroidery design date backs to the 80s and 90s used predominantly on wedding gowns, linens, and bridal wear. This is still common in Indian traditional outfits as neck embroidery etc. 

Mylar Applique

Mylar is a type of embroidery base made from polyester film or plastic sheet which is known for adding shine to your embroidery pieces. Mylar Applique thus is a type of embroidery design that adds shine to the already applique design resulting in a unique piece.

Sayings and Phrases

Trying to embroidery on Tshirts and other personalized items? embroidering with saying and phrases is a good option. Embroidering saying and phrases with a machine is super easy. 

Split Designs

Another embroidery design is a split design. The split embroidery design is convenient for adding special text in between the designs. These can be used particularly for making personalized products where you can add the name of the respective person it is for. The various split designs include anchor applique, teddybear applique, maple leaf split, heart split, and much more.

Special Occasions

If you are embroidering for making gifts to be given on anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, bride to be - Special Occasion embroidery designs work best. Be it any occasion, stuff can easily be made personalized with the help of embroidery designs. Be it, wedding guests, with personalized grooming kit or with personalized party hats on birthdays, embroidering covers it all. 
Apart from this, there are various other machine embroidery designs to start from. You can also choose to buy the digitized form of these designs by approaching various designing software found online.