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The Health Benefits Of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine

A key factor of keeping fit is having the motivation to keep at an exercise routine. Boredom is also an issue.

It is hard to stick to doing the same thing over and over. These reasons are why there are always new trends in health and fitness. People are eager to try new things to fight boredom and sustain/increase motivation.

It’s not a new trend, but one form of exercise too often overlooked is rhythmic gymnastics. You might be most familiar with it from the TV screen at special events like the Olympic Games and think it is not something that is easy to get involved in. Actually, rhythmic gymnastics is actually accessible to everyone if you are interested in finding a gym for classes. 

Gymnast performing an element of rhythmic gymnastics

Finding gyms for rhythmic gymnastics in the USA is easier today than it has ever been, with more and more people taking up the challenge and turning to websites like Jenerg to make sure they have everything they need for a great new hobby.

If you are up for a fun new challenge with Jenerg and want to know even more about all of the good things that can come your way because of it, here is a rundown of some of the biggest health benefits that rhythmic gymnastics have for your mind and body.

Increased Flexibility

It goes without saying that the more you use your body in a gymnastic way, the more flexible you are going to become. Rhythmic gymnastics, in particular, is a discipline that involves statuesque poise and awareness along with flexibility, and these combined result in you working out muscles that you never knew you had! Benefits of exercise are achieved with consistency and regularity, and the more you train, the more you will start to feel your body’s elasticity increasing. And of course, the more flexible you become, the more moves you will be able to insert into your routines, so it is a self-rewarding cycle.

Improved Bone Health

Rhythmic gymnastics is a type of exercise that is classed as weight bearing, and any weight bearing workout benefits your bones because it helps them to stay in shape and prevent them from becoming prematurely brittle. This is something of concern for women especially, because as women age and their hormone levels decrease, their bones too start to become more fragile and are at risk of osteoporosis. Keeping up with an activity like rhythmic gymnastics is a great way to fight against developing bone density disorders whilst also having a lot of fun at the same time.

Calorie Burning and Muscle Working

It’s an obvious point, but one that deserves highlighting! The pace and bombastic movement that is required for something like rhythmic gymnastics is perfect for burning calories, and at the same time this will encourage your body to work out every possible muscle group. Calorie burning isn’t simply something to consider when trying to lose weight, but also for maintaining a healthy weight once you reach your goals/target weight.

Prevention of Various Diseases

The whole body workout that rhythmic gymnastics provides means that it is a great exercise choice for preventing many of the most common diseases that a body can succumb to over time. Experts believe that an activity like this can help to stave off things like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. A regular and consistent routine is the key to making sure that your body is best prepared to fight off these challenges in the future.

Building a new level of personal discipline

Gymnastics of any kind isn’t the easiest type of exercise that a person can choose, and for this reason it gives you a challenging task to try to achieve every single session. There is a lot of personal satisfaction to be gained from sticking to something even when it is hard for you, and eventually this hard work comes together to build a new kind of personal discipline for you. You will start to achieve things on a level that you never thought you would when first starting out.

Overall Greater Strength

It’s no surprise to learn that repeated exercise of this nature helps to increase overall strength in the body. When your chosen activity is something that works out lots of different areas of muscle groups, the natural result is always going to be an increased level of strength across all of those areas. A fun way to track this is to not down how many simple things like pushups or sit ups you can do in a row at the start of your gymnastics journey, and then test yourself monthly to see how much stronger you have become. 

Rhythmic gymnastics love

Improved Coordination

Another natural benefit that you will develop from a regular gymnastic workout regime is an improved level of coordination. This is especially the case with rhythmic gymnastics because the addition of a prop like a ball, hoop or ribbon requires you to not only be in control of what you are doing with your body, but also in control of an exterior prop. Hand-eye coordination is a must for any successful rhythmic gymnast, but don’t worry if this is difficult to begin with because it is definitely a skill that can be improved with time and experience.

Boosted Mental Health

This is the case with almost all kinds of physical activity. Rhythmic gymnastics is a very fun and liberating form of exercise, and any exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore whilst you are doing it is always going to be good for one’s mental health. The endorphins that are released as a results of moderate exercise are wonderful for boosting a person’s mood in the short term, but even better than that is the long term mental health improvements that can be made thanks to a regular regime. Rhythmic gymnastics not only releases those endorphins thanks to its physical demands, but it also asks for more creativity and thinking power than a lot of other types of exercise, and this combination can lead to a huge upturn in mental wellbeing.