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How to Look Amazing in Swimwear

Perfect Swim Suit For Body Type

Swimwear with a tummy control panel is a logical option when you want to create a more streamlined appearance in your swimwear, but it is by no means the only option. 

When you want to appear skinnier or just a bit more streamlined, anything from control panels to ruching and other detail can go far in helping you create the look you’re after.

How to Look Amazing in Swimwear

What can I wear to look thinner than I am?

Before anyone can answer that question, you need to identify what part of your body you would like to appear more streamlined. If your extra weight is around the thighs, you should consider a pair of high cut briefs, as they will make your legs appear longer and streamline the overall appearance. For the adventurous, a bikini bottom with ties on the sides will also have an elongating effect on your legs, by minimizing any heavy cut-off lines, and giving a wispy, feminine appearance.

Wondering what NOT to wear in a case like this? High-waisted or boyleg shorts will cut your leg line in the wrong place, making your legs appear shorter, stockier, and heavier.

Ladies who wear larger cup sizes will benefit from sizing their swimwear according to bra sizing, and not just going with the department store sizing system of small, medium, large and onwards.

When can I attempt a high-waisted style?

If you have a tummy with a habit of being a bit wobbly, a high-waisted style can help you cinch things in at all the strategic points. If your tummy needs a bit of extra help, but your legs are fantastic, you can opt for a high-cut bikini with a high waist to cover up everything that doesn’t deserve attention.

The high-waisted style is often to be found in vintage designs, and for this reason, vintage women’s swimsuits are often perfect for the fuller figure. Whether you go for the authentic vintage look with prints and polka dots, or just simply choose the shape of vintage, in a color scheme of your choice, do consider the vintage style as the friend of the fuller figure!

What are my options in modern styles?

If your first instinct is to cover up, you will probably not be open the suggestion of a bikini. But let’s take a step back and consider its lesser-known cousin, the tankini. One of the main benefits of the tankini is the fact that it provides a lot more coverage over the tummy than the everyday bikini. Coverage, plus the benefits of still being a two-piece? Sign me up!

For many women swimsuits that are outside the norm can be intimidating. But don’t let an alternative style break your speed in your search for the perfect swimsuit – from high or low-cut bottoms, to bikinis, tankinis and everything in between, make sure that you invest the time to analyze your body type and buy the right cut for your shape, in the right size – a fool proof killer swimsuit look could be yours!