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American Girl Day At The Rink [ At Rockefeller Center ] Event - American Girl Place New York City

Have you ever been to any of the American Girl Place Stores or dined in their cafes [available at select locations]? If you have, then you know what an amazing experience it is; if you haven't been yet, I highly recommend planning a visit!  

We recently attended the American Girl Day At The Rink event [at Rockefeller Center], and it was an absolutely magical day. My daughter had never been on ice skates before and was a little nervous. There was a wonderful instructor at the rink who was kind enough to take her around the rink and get her comfortable with the ice. At the very end he also treated her to a fast skate around the rink and twirled her around at the end [see the above video]. I have never seen such a huge smile on her face!

Our time at the rink was followed by a delicious lunch [included with the event] at the American Girl Place Cafe, just up the street from The Rink At Rockefeller Center.
The Cafe offers a delicious menu [selections for children and adults], incredibly friendly service and a fun energy in a beautiful setting [the cafe is decked out in pink and black themed decor with daisy accents].

Girls can bring their dolls to dine alongside them in the provided treat seat [each doll is also providing with a doll sized place setting!], or they can borrow a doll from the selection in the front of the restaurant. This particular event includes a four course meal [pictured above] that includes the signature "warm welcome" mini cinnamon  buns, an appetizer tray, a set menu with entree and beverage options that are included with the event and their signature dessert [chocolate mousse presented in a flowerpot, cake and a fresh fruit kabob].
After lunch we set off to explore the store. The displays in the store are ever-changing, so there is always something new to see! We loved the new displays that include life size items from the era each doll is from. Julie's had bandannas, a troll, long beaded necklaces and a record player among other items.

We also really enjoyed seeing Saige's Hot Air Balloon and Caroline's Skiff up close! Both are beautifully constructed and seem so much larger than in the pictures. The pictures really don't do them justice, you have to see them in person. Each time we visit we try to do something special, something that you can only do at American Girl Place. On our last visit we had Mckenna's ears pierced [piercing is $15 and includes a box of earrings for your doll] and her hair styled in the doll salon [selection of styles are offered at $5 and up].  This visit we decided to stop in the design your own made to match doll / girl t-shirts. Long and short sleeve shirts are available in a variety of color choices and girls can choose their designs. Our daughter chose a blue long sleeve shirt and a butterfly design that reads "Be Yourself" [pictured above on McKenna]. Super cute shirt + great message!

We had a fabulous time at the American Girl Day At The Rink event!

This experience has even inspired our daughter to pursue ice skating as a sport. Which doesn't surprise me; American Girl is always inspiring her in new ways, be it through the storyline of her favorite characters or through fun events such as this!

For more information on upcoming American Girl Day At The Rink Events with American Girl Place New York or to make reservations visit them online at:  or call 1-877-247-5223

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