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Newborn Essentials: An On-The-Go Guide For Active Families

Getting out of the house with a newborn can be challenging  (at best).  I'm not going to lie - it took me 5 weeks after our newest addition arrived, to brave a trip to the grocery store with all 3 kids in tow. 

While it definitely gets easier with time, having the right gear can certainly make your daily ventures out with baby all-the-more enjoyable.

Our top newborn essentials picks for active families include:

A chic gender neutral bag is an absolute must! The fabulous Courage Backpack by TWELVElittle is our favorite. While we love all three of the color choices - we think the grey (pictured above) perfectly pairs with just about everything. The Courage backpack features comfort padding in both the straps and back - making it the comfy {fashionable} choice for mom's and dad's on-the-go. The spacious interior offers plenty of pockets/compartments to stash baby's necessities - and the bag even includes a padded tech sleeve to tote along gadgets or your laptop (fits laptops sized up to 14"). The Courage Backpack by TWELVElittle retails for $210 and you can find it at:
Keeping our little one's safe and protected while in route by car is so incredibly important. It can definitely be difficult to weed out the best infant car seats today, there are just so many to choose from! The onBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat by Safety 1st is our #1 pick in this department. The advanced air cushion system protects your child's head in the event of a side impact crash. We haven't seen anything quite comparable to the air protect technology by Safety 1stst to date. Also, while money really isn't an object when it comes to an infants safety - we do appreciate that the onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat is modestly priced. The above pictured model is the oBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat in the "Decatur" color/pattern option - it currently retails for $159.99. You can find it at select retailer's nationwide and online at
You know from my recent picks in our 0-3 month Newborn Essentials feature that I am a huge fan of baby wearing. The benefits of baby wearing for both parent and child are immeasurable. With that said,  long days out and about can, at times, call for a sturdier carrier. The wrap is great for short trips out and daily activities/ getting chores done around the house however, when you hit the walking trails or the theme parks this Summer - the Boba 4G Carrier provides more support for both parent and baby. We love that there is no fabric separating parent and baby and that the carrier properly supports baby's hips and spine. This carrier is in it for the long haul too! It grows with baby as it includes an integrated (removable) infant support and foot supports for when baby is older (they are also removable). The Boba 4G can be worn as a front carrier (outward or inward facing depending on age) or back carrier for the older Little's. We adore the fact that Boba didn't miss a beat in the design of the 4G carrier. The Boba 4G boasts a zipper pocket (built into the waist support) and an additional pocket, also in the waist support (perfect for stashing keys, money, a credit card, your phone, etc.)  Boba has even included purse straps for mom! Small snaps on the shoulder strap snap around the strap on your purse (or diaper bag) to keep it in place and from slipping off of your shoulder! The Boba 4G carrier is available in several color/print options too. We love the versatility of the Montenegro color choice (black on black) as it pretty much goes with everything and we also adore the new "Peak" pattern as it's modern and colorful - perfect for Summer! You can find the Boba 4G Carrier at select retailer's nationwide and online at 
We have an early teether in our home! We were floored when our little guy appeared to start teething at just two month's old. After a routine visit to the pediatrician, she confirmed our suspicion.  When baby starts sucking/biting on hands, blankets, toy's (pretty much anything they can get their hand's on!) reach for the all-in-one Nawgum Teether by Mello & Co..  No need to buy multiple teething toy's for baby- the Nawgum is totally up for the task! Whether baby is cutting those first few (front) teeth or their working on ushering in their back molars - the Nawgum contains components to help tackle each stage of teething. The two knobs (on either side of the center section of the Nawgum) are perfect when baby is cutting front teeth while the two textured/massaging arms provide the perfect relief when baby is cutting back molars. The large body of the Nawgum makes it super simple for baby to grasp on their own too - which makes it a fast favorite for baby, as it's frustration-free. Did we mention that the Nawgum was invented by a mom? You all know how much I adore mom invented products and the Nawgum is no exception! Definitely add this one to your registry - it won't disappoint! It's comprised of food grade silicone and is also BPA-free. The Nawgum currently retail's for $19.99, you can find it at select retailer's nationwide and online at
Zutano's new collection, Just for Aden, is amazing! Their Just For Aden Swaddle Plus Blankets and Little Bibs are seriously among our top {most loved} baby essentials. We have always adored the bright pops of color that Zutano incorporates in their children's line and we equally adore the soft muslin textiles from Aden + Anais. So,  this line really couldn't be any more perfect for us! The Swaddle Plus blankets get softer with each wash and we love that they are breathable (perfect for the warmer Summer temperatures that are currently upon us). We also never leave home without a few Just for Aden Little Bibs in our diaper bag! You'll rarely see our little guy without one. He is currently teething and the Little Bibs trap/wick the moisture (drool) away from his skin & clothes - like no other. I am seriously in love with the entire Zutano Just for Aden line! The Swaddle Plus Blankets come in 4 packs and currently retail for $39.95 , while the Little Bibs come in 3 packs and currently retail for $17.95. You can find them at select buybuy Baby retail locations and online at
Folks, the day's of "fetch" are nearly upon us in our home!  I can still remember the sheer delight that our older two children exuded each and every time they {repetitively} dropped their favorite toy, bottle, cup, fork etc.- you get the point, right? Basically whatever was on hand for them to throw,  for us to then retrieve. It was their first glimpse of action and reaction, and they LOVED every second of it! While It's a fun lesson of sorts for baby - retrieving favorite objects off of unsanitary surfaces/the ground while your out and about, is not quite as enjoyable for mom and dad. Enter, the lil' Sidekick! Simply attach one end of this adjustable universal tool to just about anything you can think of (stroller, car seat, high chair, your purse, baby carrier etc.) and the other end to your child's favorite toy, cup, eating utensil, etc. - and the item is safe from your child's next all-star pitch to unsavory surfaces! We love that the lil' Sidekick is available in several fun colors too - so, you can easily coordinate it with your other baby gear. The lil' Sidekick is another fabulous mom-invented product! The lil' Sidekick currently retails for $16.99 and can be found at select retailer's nationwide and online at
We do not currently bottle feed our little guy however, we can certainly see why Take n' Shake Bottles by Bouche Baby are essential gear for on-the-go families! The Take n' Shake feeding system incorporates an on-board compartment that holds the formula on the bottom of the bottle and a specially integrated sieve. Simply fill the bottle with the appropriate amount of water and the bottom compartment with formula powder. When you are ready to feed baby - with a few simple twists you can release the powder formula from the bottom compartment into the bottle. Next, by simply shaking the bottle, the integrated sieve in the Take n' Shake creates a smooth clump-free ready to feed bottle for baby. Check out this video to see the Take n' Shake in action. The Take n' Shake feeding system is currently available in 5 oz and 9 oz size choices and each retail for $17.99 (5 oz) and $19.99 (9 oz). The Take n' Shake feeding system also grows with baby! Simply purchase the Sippy Cup Set which includes a mouth piece and sippy cup handle ($5.99), to transform your Take n' Shake bottles. The Take n' Shake Bottles are BPA & chemical free + dishwasher safe. You can find Take n' Shake Bottles by Bouche Baby at select retailer's nationwide and online at:
Distraction is key to keeping baby happy while on-the-go. Small toys,plush's , and rattles are an absolute must! Our little guy is absolutely loving the Go Gaga line by Infantino (exclusively available at Target). The bright colors, fun patterns, and playful textures capture baby's attention while the fun crinkle sounds, chimes, bells, and mirrors keep them engaged. Prices vary. The  Infantino Go Gaga Playtime Pal (pictured above) features a mirror, 3 teether's and more! It retails for $14.99 and can be found at Target retail stores nationwide.

Baby's skin (especially their face and scalp) is super sensitive. With the Summer weather currently upon us, the task of protecting baby from harmful UV rays can be challenging. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of sunscreen on infants under 6 months of age. So, finding a great sunhat and UV protective clothing is essential. We absolutely love the wide brimmed cotton sun hats by Zutano. They come in a variety of fun colors/patterns and stay put with {adorable} chin ties. We picked up the Zutano baby sun hat in the "Sunfish" print (pictured above). It retails for $19 and can be found at select retailer's nationwide and online at

** Disclosure:Samples of some of the featured item's were provided for review purposes.