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$1 Kids Craft - Under The Sea Up-cycled Windsock - Fun For Summer!

Did you know that June is national Zoo and Aquarium Month? What better way to celebrate than with a fun craft for the kids? My daughter and I made this up-cycled Under The Sea themed Windsock for just $1 this week. Most of the materials are up-cycled. All you need is a few old/scratched/unwanted DVDs/Cd's and some other simple supplies {most of which you most likely already have around the house}. This is also a super-cute craft for the kids to do in celebration of the Summer season.

What you will need:

  • 7 scratched/unwanted DVDs/ Cd's (6 for fish 1 to cut for fish tails-refer to image below.)
  • Permanent markers in colors of choice - Decorate the reflective side of the DVDs/Cd's as pictured below or as desired
  • Hole punch or Exact-o knife (for use by adults only)
  • 6 large googly eyes. 
  • Heavy waterproof glue or low temp hot glue gun- for use by adults only- for gluing eyes/tales to fish - (see image below).

  • 1 Gallon Plastic Milk Jug. Cut the top and bottom off - use hole punch to punch one hole in each side for hanging + 6 additional holes for hanging fish (see image below)
  • 1 teal/blue plastic party tablecloth (we found the one pictured at Walmart in the party supply section for .75 cents). Open tablecloth up and fold in half once. Cut entire tablecloth into 2 inch (width) strips. Next (keeping each strip folded) fold around milk jug ring and pull remaining length of stripe through the loop to affix to milk jug ring. Repeat - using all of the strips until the ring is covered (see image below.) 
  •  About 6 ft of twine for hanging fish & for creating windsock hanger (see image below). Use hole punch/Exact-o knife to create 6 holes for fish and four for hanger. 
Hang your finished windsock outside and enjoy! We love how the up-cycled fish reflect light all over the porch when the sun is out - very pretty!

Happy Crafting!

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