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Irish Potato Candy

Have you ever tried Irish Potato Candy? It's SO good! It's also super simple to make, so it's the perfect St. Patrick's Day recipe to make with the kids. As an added bonus, Irish Potato Candy is also gluten-free. 

Did you know that Irish Potato candy is a bit of an Irish- American tradition? These small no-bake hand-rolled sweet candies are made to resemble potatoes and are comprised of a simple list of ingredients [not including actual potatoes!] After you mix your ingredients together, you simple roll them, dip them in cinnamon mixture, refrigerate and serve! Like I said, super simple!  

Grab the simple ingredient list and recipe for the BEST Irish Potato Candy recipe, below.

Classic Irish Soda Bread - Simple Recipe Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

This classic Irish Soda Bread recipe is super simple to make, and perfect for serving on St. Patrick's day {or any day really.} It pairs well with homemade soups and stews, or even served simply - with with a few pads of butter and your favorite hot beverage. We made our Classic Irish Soda Bread, gluten-free however, you can easily use the substitution below, if you don't have a gluten allergy in your home.

Hi friends, how have you been? It seems like I've been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately. Our twelve year old son is definitely growing, and he's eating everything in sight these days! Because we have a variety of allergies to cater to in our home, I try to make most of our food from scratch - including the majority of our breads/baked goods. This Classic Irish Soda Bread recipe is a current favorite in our home, so I've been making it at least two times a week lately; it's not just a St. Patrick's Day tradition around here!

Grab my recipe for classic Irish Soda Bread, below.

The Evolving Curriculum of Solar Installation Training

Solar Panels 101 Professional Installation vs DIY Installation

Hey there, fellow eco-conscious reader! Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of solar panels installation training? You're about to embark on an enlightening journey into the evolution of this essential skill set. Hold onto your hard hat as we explore how paradigms have shifted, MBS (More Bang for your Solar Buck) has become the motto, and Wintasks have taken center stage. By the time you finish reading, you'll have a newfound appreciation for the ever-changing landscape of solar installation training.

Lucky Rainbow Fairy Wands for St. Patrick's Day!

Next up, St. Partick's Day! These St. Patrick's Day lucky rainbow wands are simply adorable, aren't they?! They're also a super easy craft to make with kids, with the help of gradient rainbow yarn. Whether you're heading to a St. Patrick's Day parade with the kids this year or you're celebrating this Irish holiday at home, the kids will absolutely adore making these shamrock topped St. Patrick's Day lucky rainbow fairy wands. They are just so colorful and FUN!

Ready to make your own St. Patrick's Day lucky rainbow fairy wands with the kids? Read on for the full supply list and step-by-step instructions.

Snowman Yarn Wrapping Craft - Fun & Easy Winter Activity For Toddlers

Hi friends, I hope you're all staying warm this week! This snowman yarn wrapping craft was the perfect [ super simple! ] way to entertain my toddlers indoors for a bit yesterday. With the cold snap that we've been having here these past few days [and a big snow storm in the forecast for this weekend!] I've been raiding my craft supply bins daily,  to keep my younger two children entertained. 

Yarn wrapping crafts for kids / toddlers are a great way to keep little hands busy and occupied on these long winter days. They are also a great way to help develop / enforce fine motor skills. Depending on how old your child is, this can also be a great craft to help practice scissor / cutting skills (with safety scissors and close adult supervision.)  However, if your child is a bit younger, you can easily make this craft all about the yarn wrapping simply by prepping all of the pieces to the craft ahead of time (the prep is super quick and easy for this craft!)

Read on for the full supply list and easy tutorial, to make this snowman yarn wrapping craft with your little one!

Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bark Tutorial - Great DIY Treat For Valentine's Day!

This DIY Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bark is the perfect gluten-free sweet treat for Valentine's Day! We made our chocolate covered pretzel bark with gluten free pretzel sticks and and gluten free pretzel twists, however you could easily swap out with regular pretzels if you'd like! When you fill in the mini-pretzel twists with pink chocolate (or white or even red) - they look just like chocolate hearts. So cute!

Friends, I wasn't originally planning on posting this. But when I started making it for the kids, I realized how fun it would be to share here for a little Valentine's  day DIY gift / treat inspiration. So please forgive the imagery, as it was totally impromptu! 

Grab the simple supply list and instructions on how to make our Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bark, below. It's the perfect sweet treat for sharing and enjoying with the one's you love, this Valentine's Day!

Enchanting Escapes: Planning Your Family's Parisian Disney Adventure

Enchanting Escapes: Planning Your Family Parisian Disney Adventure

Enchanting Escapes: Planning Your Family's Parisian Disney Adventure

Embarking on a family holiday to Paris and Disneyland Paris offers an enchanting blend of fairytale magic and cultural richness. It's an adventure that promises to create lifelong memories for both children and adults alike. This guide is tailored to help families navigate through the splendors of Paris and the enchanting world of Disneyland. From the best time to visit, to unmissable Parisian attractions and essential tips for enjoying Disneyland, we've got you covered. Prepare to dive into a world where dreams come to life and cultural treasures await at every corner.

How To Save Money While Keeping Up With Fashion

How to Save Money While Keeping Up with Fashion

In a world that constantly evolves with the latest fashion trends, it can be challenging to keep up without breaking the bank. However, with a few savvy strategies and a dose of creativity, you can stay stylish without draining your wallet. Let's explore some practical tips on how to save money while still indulging in your passion for fashion.

Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments - A Quick & Simple {Super Cute!} Christmas Kids Craft Tutorial

Looking for a cute Christmas craft to do with the kids? These Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments are it! This is such a quick and simple {super cute!} Christmas kids craft; perfect for gifting to friends and family - or for your own Christmas tree. If you're into mess-free kids crafts {and what mom isn't, right?), this easy Christmas craft is definitely the craft for you!

Hi friends, how have you been? Each year, my kids make new DIY ornaments for our Christmas Tree, it's a bit of a tradition around here. It's always fun to look back each year on all of the ornaments that we've made together, when we decorate our tree. Last weekend, we got a jump start on our Christmas crafting, and made these adorable Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments. This is such a quick and simple Christmas craft for kids. These Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments come together in a cinch with a few simple supplies and Kwik Stix {fast drying} solid tempera paint sticks. If your house is anything like mine you might even already have a stray mitten or two {or 20!} on-hand, without a match, that you can easily upcycle for this craft.

Read on for the full supply list and our easy tutorial, to make your own Mini Canvas Snowman Ornaments with the kids this holiday season.

DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees

These DIY Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees, turned out so cute!  My favorite part? They only cost about $3.50 each to make!

Hi friends, how have you been? The Christmas crafts are in full-swing around here! Last weekned, I paid a trip to the Dollar Tree to look for some cute add-ons/ supplies for a few of the holiday crafts that I'm working on. I was disappointed when I couldn't find any cone foam forms in their floral section. I have a bunch of stockpiled ribbon, and I had my heart set on making ribbon trees to display on the tops of my kitchen cabinets for Christmas. Though I had a plan, I certainly didn't want to shell out $5-$8 for each of the cone foam forms from the craft store, to make my ribbon trees.

After perusing the aisles, my eyes landed on a 3 piece funnel set in the cooking section. Each set comes with a small, medium, and large funnel (just $1 for each set of 3). After stacking them on top of each other, I decided that I could easily use the funnel sets, in place of a cone foam form, to make my ribbon Christmas Trees. Now that they're complete, I actually think they turned out better than they would have, had I used foam forms. The funnels are wider, which gives a much fuller look than the narrow foam forms would have. While I'm using my Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees as a display on the tops of my kitchen cabinets, they would also make a super cute DIY holiday gift idea, this holiday season!

Read on for the full supply list, and my simple tutorial to make your own Dollar Tree Funnel Set Christmas Trees.